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Diverticulitis is a common disease of the bowel, in particular the large intestine. Diverticulitis develops from diverticulosis, which involves the formation of pouches on the outside of the colon. Diverticulitis results if one of these diverticula becomes inflamed. Diverticulitis most often affects middle-aged and elderly persons, though it can strike younger patients as well.

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Thickening of Stomach lining

I recently had a CT - they diagnosed diverticulitis in both my colon and stomach. I had already been diagnosed with Colitis.

They also found that my stomach lining is thickening - I am frightened that I might have cancer.

I am going to a surgeon to have a biopsy - but would love to hear if others have had the same situation.

BTW... my back hurt and my stomach is swollen as well - I have been in pain for sometime - started in my left pelvis area. Took me two years to finally get a doctor that seems to be listening! So frustrating!!




My ct scan showed wall thickening of my colon and it was a possibility of a tumor or scar tissue from having infections. When I have diverticulitis (the diverticula pockets are infected) I have pain all over my stomach and into my back. The antibiotics help within 7 days. It is very scary to face illness and mortality. I pray you are strong through this and that you get a good outcome. Have you had a colonoscopy? How r they doing the biopsy?

I had a colonoscopy in Sept of 2011, I was diagnosed with colitis at that time - but nothing was said of diverticulitis. After seeing one of the images, I questioned whether I had expelled enough of my waste to get a good reading. I had read that Dr Oz had to have a second colonoscopy because he cheated and ate s small treat which hadn't expelled during the cleansing process. That treat made it hard for the doctor to actually see the wall. My doctor asked like it wasn't that big of a deal - and maybe it wasn't. But when the pain didn't go away, my regular doc ordered a CT - they found diverticulitis in my colon AND stomach. They also noticed a thickening of the stomach wall.

The biopsy will be endoscopic.

Thanks for your prays - I am always glad to receive that kind of help :)

Thickening happens because of Infection...It is Scar Tissue.
But yea, they Cannot tell the difference between Diverticulitis and Cancer Via a CT Scan..it has to be scope, Biopsy. I know I was Terrified, cause I had been so sick for so Long, and my Weight Plummeted..

I didn't Feel I could go on that way and Opted for the Resection Sooner rather then later..and was So Happy I did.

I Seen Specialists as well, Not Good Ones, Not Caring Compassionate Ones, and was Basically Treated Like I was Over Exaggerating my pain..so I have been hesitant in Follow Up Care..Thankfully I have been Feeling Really Quite Good.

I Know Just How Frustrating this is, How Scary it all is..Plz, If Your Dr. is Not Helping You, Seek another, and If they Get Abrupt with you at all, Call them on it, don't just Tolerate it...This is Your Body and You have to Live in it !!

Prayers and a Hug for ya Girl !!


Thanks for your kind words and support. I am scheduled for a biopsy this week - but the doctor doing it has pretty much pre-determined that I don't have a problem - and hopefully he is right - but I do feel exactly as you are describing - frustrated. Yes, I am anxious - but isn't that a normal response to what I am going thru???

He was the same doc that did my colonoscopy - he didn't tell me that I have diverticulitis of the colon - he did tell me I have chronic colitis. So when my regular doctor referred me back to him for the biopsy, and I brought up that the my CT had shown diverticulitis in both the stomach and the colon he acted like the diverticulitis in the colon was such a small issue that he hadn't mention it before. And, he said that in the stomach it probably was even less of a problem, He went on to warn me about VOMITing - being a Victim of Medical Imaging Technology.

I live in a small town - and this doc is one of the top docs in town - and he does come highly recommended by several people I know and respect - but still, I just wish he wouldn't poo poo my pain so quickly.

I've read that bouts with both the colitis and diverticulitis come and go - but mine discomfort/ pain doesn't seem to go away.

Well I hope he is right! I guess well know after the test.

Thanks for your prayers and concern!


It is so frustrating. My first gastro doc took my pain seriously but after attack number two admitted me into the hospital and then didn't comeback to lift the no solids order for3 days. He also dictated my colonoscopy differently than what he said to my husband and I verbally. He wanted to do surgery but I didn't trust him after that. The 2nd gastro doc wasconvincedi just had I.b.s. he didn't bother to look at ct scans. Then I took a break for two months and finally went to doctor number three. She down played the pain but convinced me I needed surgery. Surgery is a big deal so I chalk the whole experience up to the fact that it was gonna take the compare and contrast to convince me todo it. The cost is insane and I willbe indebted to hospitals and doctors for the next 20 yrs but I've found out who i am inmy core through it. Fear is a motivator to live life. Good luck to you.
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