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motivation & weight loss

I am in dire need of motivation...I need/want to lose 50-60lbs. I have no energy or desire to do get up and get to my (cheap) gym. I have been watching what I eat. I have been eating about half of what I used to and lots more fresh veggies and fruits. When I signed up for the gym, I was going about 4 times a week for a couple of months but have lost my motivation because of all the time I have been going, I have not lost anything. :(

I have a hard time as I have no one to be my buddy and make me go and help keep me going when I want to give up.

advise/ideas, etc are welcomed! thanks in advance



I took phentermine, got it prescribed by a dr. It gives you energy, suppresses your appetite, and increases your heart rate which helps you burn more calories. It can have side effects though, so I would look up information on it before you consider it. It doesn't help with motivation right away. It helps at the gym, and you will lose weight, which in turn might motivate you to keep going. I hate to suggest pills, but that is what worked for me!

Another thing is you might be gaining muscle and losing fat, which is the ultimate goal. But it doesn't show up on the scale. Do something different every time you go to the gym, or switch it up sometimes that way you wont hit a plateau.

Sometimes a gym buddy can help if they are 100 percent motivated, if you try it with someone who is just starting out like you it can be a bad thing, cause then you will end up wasting a lot of time talking! That happened to me! lol

Hope you start losing soon, to help with your motivation!

hope that helps!

You could trying doing some other kind of exercise, the gym is definitely not for everyone!! I prefer to go cycling around my village or use a stepper machine in my house whilst listening to my favourite songs or watching TV, that way I'm not focusing on how many steps I've done. Dancing is another good suggestion, even if it's just in your living room to your favourite old songs!! Even things like a Wii Fit or a trampoline will help you!! Good luck and keep eating healthy :)

thanks for the replies.

I took phentermine a few years back. And I don't have health insurance, therefore I have no means available to get a prescription.

I have been using the Wii on occasion, when I first got the Wii, I was on it 7 days a week for about 45mins to 1hr and what I got from that was more flexibilty but no Flexibility is a good thing too!

I have been a few times to the pool in my complex but its hard to get there when its not full of kids, a time when I can't just do laps and such.

Anyone have a magic wand LOL

Has anyone heard of the HCG diet? used it? I haven't been able to find clarified info on this diet.

Here on DS there is a member group called "Weight Loss Buddies" run by Doris - wonderful group where members are paired up on a monthly basis, if they want to, with another member so they can both support each other. Might be just what you need.
deleted_user just have to make yourself a priority. I understand that you have lost motivation but the hardest part is getting dressed, putting on your sneakers and driving to the gym....once you get there te motivation will start. Everyone feels like you do sometimes but you have to just do it so that you can achieve your goals. I used phentermine and that is really bad stuff anyway. Made me have heart palpitations and anxiety really bad .... I only took that for like 2 days and felt terrible. Bottom line is that there is no magic pill you just have to get up go to the gym and eat right. I have found that weight loss buddies start out good but then there is sabbatage and then when they don't want to go that is your excuse to not go as well. I enjoy going alone and I have made friends in the gym that go every day like me and not because of me either. Once you start faithfully going you will make friends there and then find the support you need from people that are there already and you don't have to count on anyone to go to the gym for except yourself. Not sure if this is the kind of support you were looking for but I find that this works for me. Good luck. Denise
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