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Type 2 Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or does not make efficient use of it. Insulin is a hormone needed to convert food into glucose, a sugar that the body uses for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose can accumulate in the blood, and can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and strokes and organ damage such as eye and kidney damage.

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Micronase, Metformin and Mood

I have just started taking Micronase 1.25mg 1x/day (Glyburide) which helps the pancreas produce more insulin and helps it work better. I have been on Metformin for a couple of years now and just recently had the doseage increased to 850mg 3x/day. Metformin has been somewhat effective in helping my body respond better to the insulin I naturally produce and decreasing the amount of sugar that my liver makes and that my stomach/intestines absorb, but it wasn\'t enough.
My blood sugar levels have recently leveled off and I think it\'s in large part due to this new Micronase/Metformin combination. Lately I have noticed a change/decrease in my appetite and a change/increase in positive mood and general sense of feeling OK. I want to understand the relationship between insulin and hormones and the effect they have on mood and appetite. Can anyone suggest a starting point for me to research this? Thanks.



Get the book "Reversing Diabetes" by D r. Julian Whitaker. It is very informative and before you know it you'll probably be off both medicines. Good Luck, and let me know how you're doing, Mary Anne Fiala
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