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What doctors said about me

Doctors officially diagnosed me to have:

1. Depression (Severe, Major)
2. Borderline (High Level of Function)
3. Bipolar (II)

I became very frustrated with the diagnose, so I did some more research and did psych self-tests on myself and found that I have similar traits of:


- Depression
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
- Panic Disorder
- Generalized Anxiety Disorder
- Schema-Focused Relationship problems
- Anger
- Emotion Dysregulation
- Extreme Suspicion of others
- Schizoid Personality Disorder


- Antisocial Personality Disorder
- Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
- Avoidant Personality Disorder
- Bipolar Disorder
- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Delusional Disorder
- Depression (Severe)
- Histrionic Personality Disorder
- Intermittent Explosive Disorder
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Oppositional Deficient Disorder
- Panic Disorder
- Paranoid Personality Disorder
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
- Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
- Schizoaffective Disorder
- Schizophrenia
- Schizotypal Personality Disorder

I really wish I had one disorder so I dont have to deal with so many that I actually have here above listed.


Baby to Toddler: Due to birth moms claim that birth Dad (died when I was 10 yr) abused me when I was a baby, (I have no memory of it) Birth mom (stlll alive) rejected me twice at age 3 and age 25. Suffered pain of rejection from birth mom and suffered no identity. Raised in a good, nice adopted family who knew nothing about my dark short past. Maternal Grandfather was abusive. When I was 2 yr old I witnessed birth parents BIG fight and I got scared, ran away, threw up, and passed out.

Child Teen: Age 12, began to recognize real psych problems such as major nervous breakdowns, taken out of school because of my psych problems. Adopted family NEVER took me to psych, why why why didnt they!!? Damn! I wish they took me to psych when I was a kid!

Young Adult Present: Married, and experienced several trips to Mental Hospitals, Doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with meso I became obsessed with my several disorders and began to question and search into my past how they came from. Currently under professional help.



hi. wow, there r alot of different disorders. good luck w/ ur current doctor. let u know how it goes.

maybe some of the problems didn't stem from you past, but are just part of your brain chemistry. that's why i think that therapy and medicine is the best combination.

good thinking elena----you have to keep both options open------therapy and medicine. which means at least you consider both.

You cant have a depression and bipolar diagnosis at the sametime. Have u looked this up in the DSM?

I am so sorry you are going through this. I, too, have been in hospital many times and doctors can't read a person's thoughts or brain so they just stamp whatever possible diagnosis they can.

Learn from your own body and the symptoms you have and continue to do research. Hang in there.

I hope things get easier! I encourage you not to self-diagnose... everyone has traits of tons of disorders, but that doesn't mean you have all of them. We simply can't diagnose ourselves with everything that sort of matches us - it isn't healthy, and it becomes incredibly time consuming if you obsess over the right diagnoses. I had to learn to let the professionals diagnose me.

I've had many a hospital stay as well, and I have multiple diagnoses... hang in there!

I think you need to stop trying to self-diagnose. Most people on this planet would qualify for multiple disorders... too many people trying to label too many personality traits.

This is what drug companies want. Let's make a name for everything 'wrong' with people, so we can market a pill for it.

Stick with the therapy, and I'd also suggest regular exercise, meditating, healthy diet and sleep regime.

Are you currently on any medications, and do they work for you?

Hi, Christy! You really have a lot going on, and I'm sorry you've had to go through so much in your journey to heal. One thing really struck me about the combinations of symptoms you've listed. Have you considered seeing a neurologist or a neuropsychologist? It kinda sounds to me like what you're grappling with is a nasty combination of genetic and developmental issues. I'm wondering if bringing a good neuro-specialist on to your team might not be highly advisable, given all of your symptoms? Feel better, my friend. Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself.

That is precisely why you should not use the internet to self diagnose.
You will find that a lot of mental issues have the same symptoms and behaviours but its not always about the end product, sometimes its about how you get there.

If you take those online tests on a comparitive good day, you will get different results.

Wow!! Thank you, Everyone, for your replies!

Hopefully I will find my true and real one soon. I will keep you updated! I am trying to find a better doctor who can really pay attention closely to my condition because I am not happy with other doctors who did not really pay attention to me. I am also with a therapist who just began seeing me recently, I will keep you updated!

Totally agree with Obeylix. The Internet is a great source of information but can also scare the hell of you. I would think it highly unlikely that you have ALL of those diagnoses. Just my opinion though.
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