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How to stop being an angry, bitter person.

I am so tired of being angry. I'm mad all the time, start fights with my husband, usually about family get together, because I don't want to go; yet if they don't invite me it gives me more ammo to be mad. If I go, I make it hell and if I drink forget about it. It gets worse and I feel like the biggest loser the next day. I have everything!! A great supporting husband, I get to stay home with my kids now 11 & 9, we have a house and a pool. There is no reason for me to have all this anger inside. I look for ways to be pissed off. When I do get mad and don't know how to let go it will go on for days. I know I should see a shrink but I haven't. I think about suicide more often now then I have when I had post partum depression. I'm 99% sure I won't do it because of my children. I am so tired of being meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!I I need help and this is my first step in trying. Please help me. I don't want to end up losing everyone I love and everyone who cares for me if they even still exists!!!!!!



Not knowing what's at the root of your anger, I can't really say what you should do short of getting into therapy. You have made a sort of start though; you recognize what you have in terms of your family; in other words, things to be grateful for. That's a big thing in overcoming the anger. But I think the most important thing is for you to face whatever it is that the anger stems from. That's been a big thing for me, and it's been a long slow process, but bit by bit I'm letting go of the triggers that set me off (I self harm rather than lash out, but it's alot better than it was).

Much luck to you!

that is good that you have come to that realization, now you can get some help, some people make excuses for themselves but you have already broke down that barrier. I hope ypu can make an appt with a threapists and get the help you need. Sounds like you have alot to fight for.
Community LeaderWanderingVet

Well, thank God you are not in denial. Anger is deadly. As you can already see, it deprives you of happiness, destroys relationships, impairs employment, creates lonliness, can put you in jail, and on, and on. If it is as intense as you describe, you should seek professional help. You could easily lose everything. Yep, .. see a pro and get it figured out and fixed. It is already robbing you.

You should see a doctor about your anger. Life is too short to go thru it feeling angry all the time. Hugs to you. I hope you can get some help soon.
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