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All I want to do is sleep, how do I stop this?

For the past 3 days, all I have wanted to do is sleep, and it is driving me bonkers, I have so much stuff to do and I just can't get motivated to do it. I do stuff for like half hour to an hour, and then I just want to fall asleep.
Any words of advice, or tips on what I can do?



You most be very weak for some reason. Perhaps you are not getting the nutrition you need. I will go to see a doctor. I wish what is happening to you was happened to me, because I don't have anything to worry about, or live for. Do something, because you have something to live for.

I have been dealing with the exact same damned thing for about 2 years now, and it is driving me apeshit! Like you, I have a zillion things I could be doing, but I can not focus on anything. I always feel like I should be doing something different.
For instance, I will be playing my guitar, but then I will feel like I am ignoring the song I have been working on in garageband. So, I will get up to write the song, except I can not go on the computer without checking DS every 5 minutes. So then, I feel guilty that I am wasting time online, so I go to wash the dishes. Except, the dishes need to soak, so I go back online. I then get bored and frustrated, so I nap for 2 hours.Etc.

The one thing that has always worked for me is to go out and hang out with friends. Unfortuantly for me, I only have one friend that likes to hang out, and I have very little money.

Have you thought about maybe doing volunteer work just to keep yourself active? For me at least, the key has been to get active outside of the house, therefore I can not just run to the bed for comfort.

BTW- What you are describing is classic depression. Basically, you lose interest in things you once enjoyed doing, and your mind is wandering so much that you can't concentrate on shit.

i was diagnosed with SAD it means your body hybernates in winter due to lack of sunlight.
if u want your sleep back id go to your doctor and ask what they think may be causing it.
i no what its like some days i dont sleep and others i cant stay awake its not easy.
good luck am here if u need me
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