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Anyone try

For about $25.00 they send you a kit and you can make your own temp. tooth. Amazon reviews are good except one scathing one. I don't trust those reviews either, as some companies pay for good reviews or have employees do it. Anyway, wondering if anyone here has tried it. I'm looking to only have it for a couple months or so.



First of all, that's the creepiest website ever. What's up with the animated talking photo - couldn't find a real person to talk about the product?
Secondly, there is no way an untrained person can put in a temp crown and have it 1. fit right 2. look right or 3. stay in for very long. There's a reason people are trained in dentistry.
And finally, I wouldn't use this crap in my mouth. I highly doubt it's FDA approved - it's most likely some cheap temporization material made in China out of who-knows-what chemicals.
Looks like a huge waste of 29.99 to me...