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Coronary heart disease is the end result of the accumulation of plaques within the walls of the arteries. While the symptoms and signs of coronary heart disease are noticable in the advanced state of disease, most with coronary heart disease show no evidence of disease for decades as the disease progresses before the first onset of symptoms, often a "sudden" heart attack, finally arise.

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I had my first two stents in January 2011, one in March 2011, and the last being in November 2011. I dont have the strength I used to anymore and its so hard to get anyone to understand. My other health issues are hard to explain as well. Im just wondering if anyone else has had this procedure and your results from having it.



Hi Lifesagift, (Cool Moniker Too)

Yeah I can relate. First 3 stents in November 2009, baloon angioplasty of installed LAD stent which occluded in Oct 2010 and a complete blockage of the same stent May 2011. Restented in June 2011.

This procedure knocks the crap out of your heart. Not as invasive as a full CABG but the heart will respond as cardiogenic shock and you will take a little bit to recover. The depression and anxiety that follow the procedure adds to a latent physical rehabilitation also . Treat these conditions in tandem with your heart recovery and depending on the heart muscle damage, you should respond nicely. I don't know much more about your other test data and meds regimen to comment further. The meds and dosages you are presently on speak masses as to your hearts present condition.

Best Regards,

Just Joe


This is the cleverest way that I have seen to explain the tiredness of any disease:


JustmeJoe & Lifesagift: I relate to you both after getting 1 stent in the RCA and 1 in LCX, and 1 in LAD. I was 90% bloked on one side and 80% on the other. I had cardiogenic shock along with angina. The Heart Attack was listed as STEMI, which according to most medical pages as the most severe. I had this the 30th day of March 12. I had more energy for the first 2 months, but now run out of breath in 10-25 mins. of moderate walks, bicycling. Energy level is about 1/2 of what I had. Take 75 mg. Plavix, 2.5 mg. Lisinopril, 40mg. Zocor and 325 mg Aspirin 1Xday. I've had previous back injuries and the Zocor which is a statin, has side effects of muscle pain. I also suffer bouts of depression because I had to quit working.
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