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Coronary heart disease is the end result of the accumulation of plaques within the walls of the arteries. While the symptoms and signs of coronary heart disease are noticable in the advanced state of disease, most with coronary heart disease show no evidence of disease for decades as the disease progresses before the first onset of symptoms, often a "sudden" heart attack, finally arise.

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Double Valve Replacement

I had double valve replacement surgery Sept 07 so am still in the long run recovery. Am so much better than ever expected and getting better all the time. I just feel alone about all this and have no contact with anyone of any age who has had the same. The Aortia valve did not immediately require replacement but I was assurred would do so in a year or so and advised to have it done at the same time as Mitral to save me the trauma of repeated surgery. Has anyone , anyone had the same. Still get hit in the face sometimes by the enormity of it all and the alternative but am doing ok.



I had a double valve replacement 15 years ago, plus Maze for chronic afib. My valves are mechanical, so I am on coumadin for life. This surgery was a big deal, but it also gave me my life back. Your post was 4 years ago. If you are still with DS, hope you are doing well.
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