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oxygen readings.

good morning,family and friends.i was wondering what is your best room air only oxygen reading,and ur best reading while using oxygen.what is considered safest and best for both.have a blessed day.mj.



Not sure I understand the question but I have heard....the air that we breathe is actually a mixture of different gases.78% of air is Nitrogen while oxygen is about 21%. The other minor gases form only 1% of air. The ratio of oxygen in the air is actually good for us because anything above that would make the air more prone to oxidation.

I am thinking she is asking what your meter would read while on oxygen, and if you were not on oxygen what would the oximeter read just from room air.

That would probably depend on what your air quality is (smoking, dusty, ect) and your lung health, right?????

My best O2 reading while on oxygen goes from 98-99 and if I am just sitting and take off the cannula and check later, it might be 94-95. Both at rest, with no excessive activity like walking, exercising, ect...just sitting.
Hope this helps...

Maddie, If I am just sitting on my butt quietly going about my business here on the computer, using 2.5 liters, my O2 level is 97-98.

If I amp up my level of activity to something other than just sitting on my butt, my level will drop as low as 89-90 depending on my level of activity.

If I am not wise and try to do any activities not using my oxygen support my level drops to the low 80s quickly

I have been advised many times that you are pretty safe (using your word) if you keep your O2 level at least at the 90 pct range, anything below that you are beginning to seek trouble.

Please keep this in mind, and really talk to your Dr or health care provider, they will give you the best input as to where you should be.

Take care, Bill

I usually sit at 3.5 LPM and have an O2 reading at 94-95. Any activity drives it down. On room air I'm in the mid to low 80's.
Pure oxygen in and of itself is a corrosive. That being said the best you are going to get out of an average concentrator is an additional 4% per LPM. So in a perfect world (like using TTO) the oxygen mix would be 41.5%. Mixing using the nasal cannula as most of us do I'd guess 35% at best. My $0.02...


thanks every one for your replys.i was just more about it later.much love.mj.

After years of jamming knuckles and crunching fingers working construction, my readings vary up to 4% depending on what finger I use for the pulseox. I don't use an O2 concentrator and get 98% percent while at rest and 99% if I do some pursed lip breathing. Worst case when I'm doing anything strenuous has been 94% and very short of breath.

I know the past month mine is starting to get worse. setting 94 and walking around 89-90
God bless

I'm not on oxygen yet, but just sitting around relaxing I'm at 95-97. If I get up to do anything it drops to 90. If I do anything strenuous like carrying in groceries or carrying a load of clothes, it drops to around 85.

Below are my o2 readings for last 3 days:(first number is o2, second is pulse

87 101 7am
93 87 9am
91 91 10am
90 107 11am
90 82 3pm
92 75 4pm
90 74 5pm
92 78 6pm
90 73 7pm
90 75 8pm
90 101 5:30am
91 82 8:30am
91 96 11am
89 81 3pm
89 87 5pm
87 82 6pm
89 75 7pm
87 102 6:30am
90 79 8am
91 106 9:30am
91 112 10:45am

These are without oxygen, mostly doing nuffin. At night, when on o2 - 3 liters......o2 goes up to 97-98 and pulse down to 65-70

IMHO if your SPO2 drops below 90%, you should be on O2. Fact is if it drops below 88%, you are harming yourself, damaging your organs...



My levels never drop below 94 even when im struggling to breathe...but my pulse rate seems to be stuck above 95's all the time...

My O2 sats stay in the upper 90's. At my last doctor appointment I was 100%. I can be that high and still struggling to breath also like Gwapo.
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