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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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oximeter readings

I am just wondering what are normal oximeter readings...mine run 94-96[02],67-90 [bp] on the 02 .....actually mine are staying up a little ranging from 90-94 [no 02], and 88-104 [bp w/o 02].....sitting still w/02 im staying at about 96. Does anyone know what the normal bp readings should be, especially when we take the 02 off? my stats for 02 seeem to be stayin up better [they used to drop as low as the 70's w/ no 02 and i know this is imporving].
Im on 02 @ 2lpm....since recent exerbation im taking meds for now, i am using 02 @ 3lpm is needed per doc order.....My big bad questions are what are the normal reading s for the bp, mine really go up high when im active, could this be my heart working harder to keep 02 stats normal?



Ah, issues I just discussed with my own doc.

Ideal pulse ox is, of, course, 100%. When I am feeling OK, mine averages 95-97%. I am a Co2 retainer and am under strict instruction not to use O2 unless I have sustained pulse ox below 90. Although it is a controversial topic, many docs believe that getting O2 when you are 90%+ can harm your body's ability to monitor itself. (Google Hypoxic drive theory).

[Personally, I have no idea if the Hypoxic drive theory is true or not. But I go along with it kind of like I do not treat a fever below 102 with Tylenol. A fever less than 102 is not dangerous & it is the body's natural way of fighting infection. My thinking is that, when possible, the body should be allowed to do what it can to take care of itself].

My Pulse rate - the other number a pulse ox provides - averages within the "normal resting rate for a healthy person" of 60-100 when I am not sick. Your pulse rate is one measure of how hard your heart is working, so you can see higher rates related to keeping O2 levels up. Check with your doc, but I think running a bit higher than 100 when you have COPD is not too bad at all.

My BP tends to run high when I am sick or on steroids, so doc had me buy a blood pressure cuff to check it regularly too. When the averages get above 135/85 I take HPB medication.

[As studies continue to suggest even mild COPD can negatively impact the heart, I imagine we will see more docs instructing their COPD patients to regularly monitor their own blood pressure with a blood pressure cuff. Unfortunately, a decent one costs $75-100 & most insurance does not cover them].

My Epilepsy Med plays w/ my BP. Sooo, My Hubby bought me a REALLY good one from Ebay. :) Only cost him $10?? (I mite be wrong, about cost, more or less. ) It is battery operated & has been working GOOD for over 5 yrs, now. Just a thought for those interested in purchasing one. :)

Love Candi

My Doc has instructed me not to let my 02 drop below 88.
I use 2L at rest and 3L sleeping
While on 02 at 2-3L my 02 stays at 98% sometimes bumps to 99%
When active my 02 drops to 94-96 with 3L and heart rate jumps to mid 90's. At rest my heart rate is 68-72.
My B/P stays around 118/60..I have problem with being hypotensive..It can and has dropped to 80/40 many times.
I do monitor mine closely as I have heart disease with a stent. So the dr doesnt want my heart to become over worked.
Everyone is different and based on each one's medical history is what the doctors go by on settings.
I have been very lucky in fact I havent had to go to the hospital or extra doc visit since April 2008.

that is lucky. Im back on pred this week and antibiotics for a chest infection...caught it quick enoough though to avoid it becoming a hospitialization. I just wondered what others number were with these oxmeters, i mainly use it at night rite now, to keep watch on my stats for now....actually they are higher than they were a few months ago so, maybe thats the meds or a fgood sign i can off tbhis oxygen, at least having to have it 24/7
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