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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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chest pain

My chest has a tight / heavy / cramping sensation. The pain seems to be in my back as well. I had a nuclear stress test on my heart and they say its not my heart causing the chest pain. I also had an endoscopy which has discovered I have Erosive Esophagitis. My pulmonologist seems to believe its possible the Erosive Esophagitis is causing some of the chest pain. But Im having a hard time believing this tight heavy sensation I have in my chest is from Erosive Esophagitis. Has anyone here evere had this type of a problem? Is chest tightness common to people with Emphysema? Does anyone have any idea whether or not Erosive Esophagitis could be causing my chest problems?



Crud, I do believe that Erosive Esophagitis could contribute to chest wall pain. Besides COPD, I also have GERD, and chest wall pain. But I also have spinal issues, and I suspect that those are playing more of a role in my own pain. I've had C-spine fusion and have osteoarthritis in the rest of my spine. Perhaps that would be a consideration for you, too?

I hope that you are aggressively treating the Esophagitis, not just with medication, but with diet and lifestyle changes. Most importantly is raising the head of your bed with blocks or a wedge at night. You can find more hints on the GERD/Heartburn discussion group.

I think that the reason Esophagitis could cause the chest pain is because pain gets referred all over the place in that area. You could also be feeling it because of gall bladder or liver issues.

I hope you can find and answer to this, because it's no fun. Gook luck, and let us know what you find. Hugs, Sue

Is there anyone in here who's chest pain is caused from there COPD? I guess what im trying to figure out is if chest pain is a common symptom of COPD? Do all people with COPD have chest pain? Does it ever go away, or does the chest always feel tight?

The only time I ever describe my chest as feeling tight is after or during an Asthma attack. (which under the house filled with cats circumstanes, would have certainly happened to me, as I am allergic to them.)I do have chest pain, for more thatn two yers now...but it is from broken ribs. It is my understanding that most people who only have COPD alone, without other complications, do not usually experience much pain. Although, I could be wrong? Someone else may better be able to answer that, since I am not the norm.
Good luck to you and welcome to DS. JOAnn

To distinguish between chest pain and chest tightness. I have COPD and Gerd. I always feel a chest tightness from the emphysema. I am sure the degree of tightness varies from person to person so I can't comment on the issue of severity.

I feel the chest and back pain when I am having an acute acid reflux episode. It feels like what I imagine a heart attack could feel like.

Putting the two together does make it difficult to figure out what is going on but you have had some testing done to rule out heart involvement at this point so back to the GERD and/or your Esophagitis.

Probably the best bet is to proactively treat the Esophagitis and see if you can control that part and that should give you some answers.

I wish you the best as you deal with this. Just keep doing it. The best, Anna

Ty for your replies Sue, Breatheasy, and Pearl. I've been so confused over my condition. One minute Im feeling pretty good and the next I feel like a was ran over by a truck. Pearl--you mentioned a difference between chest tightness and chest pain. Do you ever have a feeling like your chest is caving in with a lump sensation in your throat? If so what would you attribute that too--Gerd or Emphysema?

Hi Crud - It is really difficult to answer your question cos really only the health professionals can advise you accurately about this - they having full access to your health records.

Here on COPD support we can share with you our own knowledge / experience of the symptoms you are getting but what we explain and share here may not necessarily be appropriate for you. From my own understanding and experience:

I think Erosive Esophagitis is caused mainly by acid reflux and the involuntary muscles involved in that process could result with some chest pain as indicated by your pulmonogist although possibly the gastric doc would be able to advise you on this.

I have Emphysema and would describe my personal experience as have a tight chest and painful lungs - this usually occurs for me in very cold temperatures or extreme exertions like walking up a steep hill.

The only gastric difficulties I may experience which affects my breathing ability is a full stomache or gas causing foods. For me excessive use of Salbutemol causes some gas / bloating problems too so for myself I do restrict my use of this drug.

Regarding chest pain being a common symptom of COPD I would say I do not think it is. However if a person is not taking the needed lung medicines - chest pain could be a common symptom - your lung doc may be able to advise.

Good wishes to you Crud and welcome to DS and the COPD Support Group.

Crud, No I do not experience the "cave in sensation" but the lump in the throat is caused by the acid reflux. I can't say that my lungs hurt but if my medications aren't sufficiently working because of bug, etc,that I may have picked up there is discomfort but not pain.

I am classified as moderate to severe COPD so I am being treated by the Pulmonologist.

That is your best advice source right now for your lungs and of course the Gastroenterologist for the Esophagitis.

I would not be helpful to describe the meds I am on because as I said earlier, every case is different and I do know that over time you will learn to be proactive along side of the doctors to determine what is best for you.

It is a struggle but it does get manageable with knowledge.

Hang in and you will get ther.
Take care
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