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A coma is a profound state of unconsciousness. A comatose patient cannot be awakened, fails to respond normally to pain or light, does not have sleep-wake cycles, and does not take voluntary actions. Coma may result from a variety of conditions, including intoxication, metabolic abnormalities, central nervous system diseases, and hypoxia.

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We can hear you talk to us

Hello, I was in a coma for 2 months following an automobile crash. A man hit me and my 3 children head on while going 95mph. I only remember glimpses of the wreck, not the flight to the ER or the ER itself, altho I was told I was making jokes.

At first they put me into a drug induced coma while my legs and left arm were in steel cages with rods drilled into me. Then I slipped into my own coma only to was on 9/11/01 then slip back in for 2 more weeks.

I had nightmares. No, they were worse than nightmares and the only thing that broke them up and saved me was being talked to. I only heard certain people though. My husband, parents, some family and some friends. I never heard the DR's which I imagine is a good thing. I told people what they said (once I could speak 5 months later) and they were blown away.

We can also feel you so becareful how you handle us. I had long hair and it was full of blood and glass. I guess because I was comatose my mom didn't think I could feel her try to comb and pick the glass out of my hair but I did. It came through in a dream and in that dream my hair was being torn from my head as punishment. So, just think before you touch us and handle us gently.

Keep talking to us. Assure us were okay. If we have children assure us the kids are okay. Same goes for if there was another passenger in the car. Were listening



A very interesting account you share, that will help many other people, including myself because I hope to help assist people who are in coma in the future. I recently heard Jill Bolte Taylor the brain scientist who suffered a stroke, speak of many of the same things. Significant for me, is how the left brain can shut down, and how senstive one becomes to the energy of the other, beyond language. So feelings, sensitivity increases, as one's thinking goes quiet, and there is the need for love the most while in a hurt condition. Love heals, you tell us that, and it reminds us all to be more sensitive of our own way of being and relating to our fellow humans. By being attentive to someone in front of us, by listening and observing them closely because we want to help/give, with this attitude we take ourselves our of our own concerns and are there for the other person. It's been a long time since i've been in front of someone who is seriously injured/ill and I can remember that long ago, i was like the people you talk about. I wasn't careful with my words because I was scared myself of losing my grandmother, and thus reacted emotionally. Keep talking to us and giving reassurance ... is now frozen into my instruction set/brain. Thanks for that.

No problem, glad it helped. I think in the very beginning I was aware that I was in some sort of accident. My friends from work would come to see me every day on their lunch break and would talk to me and tell me how my kids were doing, and family would come and do the same thing and they said in the beginning I had tears run down my face so they knew that I could hear them.

Hospital personel should be aware of this as well. At one point they took me back to wherever (lol) to put a tube in my pancreas and I remember it was one of the first dreams and in the dream I was being tossed about. I think that people need to realize that just because we are in this deep sleep we still feel.

Thank you for your reply. : )

I too was in a coma, and it's funny that you speak of how to handle us in that situation, because rightly you are. Certain things done to me would set off many very different dreams or nightmares, which I tend to call "lessons', for they were for me, even in their own sick way.
I did and was able to hear almost everyone, just not all the time. It's interesting how most people, even doctors don't believe you can hear them. Thank God I have a very spiritual family who totally believed I was hearing them. I even cried at times and my family would see the tears and tell the nurses that I was crying, when at that time the nurses would state that it was just natural watering of the eye....of course we all knew better. I'd like to know more about your dreams - lessons. I wonder if they have anything in common.
Thank you for sharing, it's nice to know I am not alone.

HA i always knew !!! I knew my son could hear me . I also knew he recognized the sound of my voice. even though he never responded in any way . well he did respond to me at time and he did things but would never let a dr see it he heard every word they said so I knew he would not show them any thing. well what he did do was very small one could have to really be in tune to catch it sometimes. I know for fact my son laid there and HEARD the dr tell me that jonathan wasn't a good candidate for surgery (glallbladder) I then proceeded to ask the dr why. of which he would never give me a response just kept saying he isn't a good candidate. we were standing right beside Jonathan, I then raised my voice at the dr and said "Oh thats right you want him to die, you want him now to lay there and let that gallbladder get gangreen so he will die. needless the man gave in. and Jonathan witnessed me fighting for his life.

This is exactly what I thought. My mom just went into a coma 13 days ago. I have tried to tell everyone all along that she hears everything. I am sure she hears me, because when I talk to her she has now started opening her eyes and they water. I know she is crying. I am glad to be able to hear from someone who was in a coma.
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