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Non-religious higher power- any ideas?

The codependency books I have read, and the group I have attended, refer to giving yourself over to God or your Higher Power. I am not a religious person but I am deeply spiritual and appreciate the power of the natural world.

I am really struggling with this concept. Any ideas?



I like using the Government as our higher power even if we do believe in God or not.

Then I see God as a highest of higher powers but the gov is still a big higher power.

Here in the USA we love our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and we all know well that we have the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Those things really do control our society and affect our lives so it is a true higher power.

In Britain you have a wonderful Queen Elizabeth and a Labor gov and they set a true worthy example for the rest of the world, and everybody does watch the GBR.

And gov means the police too, because the police (or Bobbies) are the real representatives of that higher power.

Then in therapy or in groups our higher power (the gov) tells us that abuse is illegal, and no one has the right to hurt children or harm women or abuse anybody because it is all against the law.

We can actually call up the police and get help and put any abuser into jail (goal) and that is a realistic and true higher power.

If I call to God then some times I do not get an answer, but the police and the gov will always answer in one way or another and that makes it a higher power indeed.

So many.

My sponsor suggested to write down every power greater than myself. I did, and focused on those that were beneficial.

Also, a group of people on a similar path can be a good higher power.

It can be infinite, ever changing, growing, undefined.

There are so many ways higher power can produce it/his/herself/theirselves...
A feeling of affirmation

To me, my higher power, who I call God, expresses themself in EVERYTHING. It's the connection that matters - when I reach my hand out, God is there to reach back. God can also be found in religion, and outside of religion. I think it is unfair to think of God as being excluded from religion, but I understand the atheist agnostic dilema.

In the AA book, there is a good chapter on "to the agnostic".

An open mind is the best thing - it sounds like you are there, just having the awareness that there is Not Not a higher power - that is all you need for willingness to believe a higher power can restore you to sanity.

It was suggested to me to write down all the qualities I would want in a friend: are they
Kind? Patient? Loving? Ect, ect. When I brought the list to my sponsor she told me THAT was my Higher Power / God.
It is a God of MY understanding so I get to define the relationship which is a much closer relationship than I got from a religious perspective.

You say you appreciate the power of the natural world. To me there is no higher power, than the body, the animals and mothernature. This is my higher power, the natural beauty of the universe.

I also consider myself a spirtual being, I dont believe in restricted religions, although I was brought up a catholic, I do not go to mass or believe in these rigid practices.

If you attend CODA meetings, maybe you can use the "group" as your Higher Power until you're able to connect with your Spiritual stuff and the Natural World...totally go that have a Higher Power, it's called the Natural World...good luck

I guess I am not clear on how if you are spiritual and appreciate the power of the natural world, you cannot accept he concept of
a "higher power." For me I simply say... Spirit... or the Highest pure power that is within me and within everyone...
Good Luck

thanks to you all for your advice, it is really helpful. xxx

My highest power is the universe, infinity, nature, all of it. Everything and nothing. The energy that surrounds us, the air, water, earth, sun.
All of it is my definition of god. And that god is infinite, therefore I am also god and higher power. Not my sole person, but the conciousness and all that makes me and everyone is god.

Thanks for that Kath08. That sounds like a version of God that I could relate to. Will mull it over...

I'm an atheist & I use "justice" as my higher power, but I've also thought that "nature" made just as much sense.


I am so grateful for your support with this.

This advice and my going to a CODA meeting last night has led me to my Higher Power.

Thank you

Much love xxx

Here's an idea: Think of the "Higher Power" as the positive energy or the spirit of innocence that surrounds you and let yourself simply fall back into that soft, embracing, comforting presence.
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