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Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease, most commonly caused by alcoholism and hepatitis C. Ascites is the most common complication of cirrhosis and is associated with a poor quality of life, increased risk of infections, and a poor long term outcome. Liver damage from cirrhosis cannot be reversed, but treatment can stop or delay further progression and reduce complications.

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What Stage Do Red Palms Appear?

Hello All, It's seems like a simple question. But, I can't find an answer anywhere. At what stage do Red Palms typically Appear?

Also, I noticed my red palms about three months ago. I have Spider Nevi that I've had for years. Large ones. But, I also have little ones that I'm not sure when they appeared (On my arms, with two big ones on my shoulder that are years old).

I'm a recovered alcoholic with 4 years sober. I have no other visible symptoms or any pain. I think I've been slowly losing weight (10 pounds) over the last year with no change in diet or excersize. My father (also an alcoholic) died from cirhossis when he was in his late 40's. By the way, I'm 38.

My Doctor "thought" she could feel my liver (I went in because of my palms) But she wasn't sure. She's ordered an ultrasound that I'm getting done next Saturday and I'm getting my blood work done on Thursday.

While I know it all pretty much depends on the tests. I'd still like to know what you guys can tell me your thoughts are on:

1.) What stage do Red Palms typically appear
2.) What's it mean when *some* of the spider nevi are almost 10 years old? Do all the Spider nevi usually show up around the same time?

P.S. I didn't know they were spider nevi. Old doctor brushed them off as nothing to worry about as I had no other symptoms.




Hi, I also lost my mom from cirrhosis when she was 60. I also may have cirrhosis, or severe liver disease (but haven't been diagnosed or checked yet).

Hey Homeab, hopefully you'll get yourself checked, soon?

Hello, apparently pink palms can also be a sign of anemia. I myself don't have cirrhosis but I have always had some degree of anemia throughout my life.. I just learned from my sister in law an RN that an easy way to figure if your anemic is to look for pink palms. (NOW, she tells me-lol.
If you have any possibility of liver disease.. you should take it seerious. It is Soo important to take your health into control. Even though its scary- the sooner you figure it out, then you can take it step by step. Plenty of the people here, have made changes and are living pretty normally. Dont let fear stop u. For us, once we found out- it was almost better. Because we had an answer! And weren't still wondering what the heck was next!? ..

Thank you Mare!

I've healthy as a horse my entire life regardless of my past drinking. I *rarely* ever got so much as a headache.

So, I'm pretty freaked over this. I know that I'll have some answers on the 7th.

But, as it is now. I'm frozen.

I can't manage to have any peace and I do everything I can to not be alone with my thoughts which typically has me spending time in online forums when not busy caring for my sons. Because I do not want to see anyone or go anywhere.

I realize this is unhealthy. Mentally I'm in limbo. I just know somethings very wrong. The veins on my hands are now pretty pronounced. I noticed that the other week. I was like "Geeez... when did I get old man hands?" Might be due to the weight I've lost. I'll look into Anemia. Because I'm curious about that. May hands a pretty red and molty. I wouldn't call them pink. But, I'll see what comes up on google images for anemic hands.

Thanks again for replying!

Argh! Sorry about my typo's up there. What the "hay" Dailystrength?... There's no "edit" button for posts? lol.
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