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Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease, most commonly caused by alcoholism and hepatitis C. Ascites is the most common complication of cirrhosis and is associated with a poor quality of life, increased risk of infections, and a poor long term outcome. Liver damage from cirrhosis cannot be reversed, but treatment can stop or delay further progression and reduce complications.

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Tmaejewski's update on Deb and a question

As you know, Deb has been in the hospital a long time in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Hospital. She was called up a couple of times for a transplant, but they turned out to not be good enough for her situation. Then she was blessed to get a liver (actually, a partial liver, the other part went to a baby), and it, unfortunately, didn't work. She was blessed yet again after I believe almost a month, with another transplant and this one is working beautifully. But, she is still in the hospital. Now, the most current update and inquiry from Teresa: "I am going down there tomorrow because I have to take some lessons on how to take care of her. She is getting better, just about ready for discharge but has to go to a nursing home first. Only for physical rehab. She has been thru so much and been in there for so long she has gotten weak. They want her to go to one down there, she wants to be in one up here. They say for a week or two at the most, will depend on how fast she recovers there. [She s]ays she wants to come home, everything she has is up here, which I know has got to be hard for her. I didnt realize how hard this was all going to be. I mean I knew it wasnt going to be a picnic, but geez oh
So I will be there tomorrow nite, late probably....I am not positive on how long I will be down in Ann Arbor as I promised Deb that I wouldnt let them take her to the nursing home without me. Im sure she has got to be scared...
oh, have you ever heard of hospital psychosis????? She has it evidently, she is coming up with some really off the wall stories. One for example was that the nurse was taking all of her pain meds, the drs know, the CIA, the FBI and her son knows, and her son had to go into hiding so he didnt get killed. I called her son after she told me this and he knew nothing of the sort, so I talked to her social worker and she said it happens when a person has been there for a long time. She has come up with some other crazy stuff too, but it all goes along with what she is going thru. They say it is normal......hmmmmm. My stepmom is a nurse and I asked her about it, she said that if she is still saying stuff like that when she gets in the nursing home to be concerned. Its probably normal for as long as she has been there, but when she gets into a differnt environment she should be ok, if not......guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it...."





Give T 'n D my love please Karen,
I hope this time things work out ok - its been one helluva ordeal.

I'm not surprised that D might be a bit kooky after all she's been through :-)


This is not going to be very helpful, or uplifting to tell you the truth..but, the only time that I had someone that I knew act like that was when my Mom was in the hospital for over a month. She went into septic shock after pneumonia and then was in a coma for a little over a week. When she came out of the coma and was finally moved into a regular room (after being sent back to ICU twice) she seemed fine. Then all of a sudden she started talking and acting strangely. The next evening she suffered 3 strokes. She came through that, but there is still some damage mentally from
it, though for the most part she can still function normally. When she was in septic shock and the coma,, of course she was on all of the life support systems as everything had shut down. The dialysis machine kept clogging up from all of the clots she was
throwing out. They assume that some were left over in her blood stream and that is what caused the strokes. But the mental confusion before the strokes, not one doctor even thought about
it. They just thought she was acting spacey too from being in there
for over a month.
I hope Deb improves soon and she's so lucky to have you around!

Send her my love and no, I never heard about it, but with the stress and all the drugs, it is a wonder that it is not a more common condition.

Hey Karen - I haven't heard of this either, but I agree that the time spent in the hospital and the meds do have an effect on the mind. When my husband first got out after about 2 months in ICU, he said the strangest things! He thought we took him to West Texas and wanted to know if the kids were ready for Halloween...mind you it was April at the time! hehe

Let her know we are thinking about her and hope she gets better. You hang in there too!


I saw this with my MOM,
It usually does get better after release. It more common if in the ICU.
My Mom was just plain nuts. Kept trying to get us to get the chickens out of her room and such.
On one of her funny days she had 2 nurses looking for a string on the bed that was bothering her ( of course there was no string)
She was fine in a couple of days after being released.
Some meds especially pain meds can make it worse

I wish her the best of luck and so glad she got a liver transplant and has a second chance. Shes lucky to have you in her life. Bless you both,.
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