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Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease, most commonly caused by alcoholism and hepatitis C. Ascites is the most common complication of cirrhosis and is associated with a poor quality of life, increased risk of infections, and a poor long term outcome. Liver damage from cirrhosis cannot be reversed, but treatment can stop or delay further progression and reduce complications.

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Meld Scores

What's the average meld score for transplant? I know it can be flexible but I'm curious. My husband has cirr. and stage one liver cancer and his meld is 22 (they add points for cancer) He's being treated for the cancer while waiting for a transplant but the dr. doing the cancer treatment said he may need several treatments before transplant because "he wasn't sick enough." Not sure I'm understand. Thanks



The old meld score question... I've had many sleepless night thinking about this one. Where I'm listed at UCSF in the bay area of California all of my nurses said I'll move up on the list at a meld score of 30. My meld score has been as high as 29 and my Dr. told me I would have a transplant within 90 days. That was 7 months ago. I've taken care of my diet and my kidneys and my meld score is now 19 and is at the lowest level since I was diagnosed in 2006. I've also heard from my Gastro Dr. that the meld score can change in a matter of days. He had one patient that had a meld score of 14 for years and was weeks from death. He fell and broke his hip and almost bled to death and his meld score shot up to 35 and he recieved a new liver within a week. I've heard that differnt states have lower meld requirements. You might try multiple listing in a state such as florida. Meld score is only one factor, waiting time and blood type are two others. Good luck and you should gets a lot of answers here everyone is very nice and helpfull. Keep your chin up and be stong. Darren

I sat on the list for almost 11 years with low meld scores. For the last 4 or 5 of those years my condition was deteriorating , yet my scores didn't change. In June I was in the hospital dying my score shot way up in a few days from 15 to 35 and I was lucky enough to receive a transplant. From the checking around I did almost anywhere the score is going to have to pass 30.
By the way some have questioned whether I belonged on the list originally. When I had been placed on the list I had two major esophageal bleeds within two months. Iwas placed on the list prior to the federal government changing the rules. If the rules had not changed I would have received a transplant within a couple of years.

Thanks alot. It sounds like a crap shot. We're on the East Coast, in Maryland and my husband is on the Georgetown Univ.Hospital transplant list. That's where they'll do the transplant, if they do the transplant. I guess I'm worried that the liver cancer will not respond to the chemoembolization (spelling?)as well as I'm hoping and if the tumour gets beyond 5 cm, he'll be taken off the list. Right now it's 1/2 that size. He also has hemocromitotsis (sp. again) but the drs. aren't treating it.
Wow, sounds like both of you have been thru alot. It's the unknown that's so scary.
pS DarrenP- I LOVE your kitty. It's so cute.

My husband was just recently placed on the list. Our "official notification letter" was dated Nov. 4. He has had three major bleeds. 1) Jan. 16-esophageal-banded. (This was also the first time we knew he had ESLD.
2) Fed -another esophageal bleed-banded
3)March 17-gastric bleed-did a TIPS procedure.
It took us all summer long to get him qualified for the list.
We were told at Baptist Integris Medical Center in OKC, that you can be placed on the list with any MELD score, however you have to be at least a 15 before they would do a transplant. If a liver should become available and there were two people with the same MELD score, the tie-breaker would be who had been on the list the longest. And as I'm sure you already know the list is changing rapidly. Good Luck.

Hey Anne259, You can ask the surgin or transplant team, It depends where your from too If you come from a big city you have more compatition for that liver, At one point I was on top of the list at my hospital but we shared livers with another hospital in Philadelphia.Now my meld score went down and there are a couple of people ahead of me, Don't worry your time will come John
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