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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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Sent Home From Work

My boss sent home from work today because of my pain. Or, more accurately, my inability to mask my pain level. It's been off the charts lately and it shows on my face. I was practically in tears after making the long climb down the hill to my office, and a few of my colleagues noticed and said something to my boss. I was supposed to go represent my agency at a state-level meeting today, but was told that I was "in no condition" to make the trip, and to go home and rest. Two of the women at the office drove me and my car home, because they and my boss were worried I was too disoriented from the pain to drive safely.

The sad thing is they're not wrong. I feel scared that my pain is making it impossible for me to do my job. The pain is making it hard to think straight. I'm so embarrassed. I prepped for this meeting for weeks, and missing out is going to put me behind schedule. Getting called out on my appearance makes me feel so unprofessional.

I called my PCP's office and am scheduled for the next available appointment, on the 20th. I don't know to cope with this level of pain until then. I asked to speak with a nurse, and explained what was happening. She made it clear they would not fill any prescriptions until I was seen on the 20th, but said she'd speak with the doctor call back.



Nurse just called back. I was instructed to take 4000mg of Tylenol per day until my appointment on the 20th.

That is insane! To tell someone to take that much tylenol each day is almost mal-practice.

Megan have you considered going to the ER since your Dr.'s don't seem to exactly care about you or your pain. They've treated you like crap forever and you keep going back, You need to see someone that's actually going to help you not destroy your liver. If your pain is so bad that you're getting sent home from work and your PCP doesn't see a problem making you wait 9 days, I'd go to the ER and try to get some real help.

Things have continued to deteriorate since Tuesday. On Wednesday they Rx'd a 40mg/day prednisone burst, which knocked down the normal arthritic pain but didn't touch the hip. Called PCP's office back to let them know toward the end of the day Wednesday; haven't heard back from them since, but did talk to an on call physician who suggested crutches & ER if the pain was "unbearable." (Like I know what that means!) My physical therapy assistant suggested ER as well. I'm incredibly reluctant to go... have had awful experiences in the past seeking care at our local emergency room. Trying hard to wait it out, but not sure if that's the right move. Finding it harder and harder to think straight.

Dearest MeganElaine, I am SO sorry for your pain and I can totally relate! I too was a State employee and was often sent home due to my rapidly declining health conditions which leave me in chronic pain. I am a Lupus sufferer with osteoporosis, DDD, and scoliosis in 2 areas of my back. Trying to hang in there the last couple of years until I was eligible for early medical retirement damn near killed me and only made my conditions worse. In September of 2015 I filed for Stated Disability as I was a vested employee. It wasn't easy going the 9 months w/o pay until my hearing before the State Medical Board in March of 2016 but I was awarded Disability. Under this I am assured my benefits for the remainder of my life and got 60% of my income (a little over 1/2 of what I was making but much better than SSDI). This is a Godsend as, unfortunately, my condition continues to deteriorate. My back is broken- 5 compression fractures w/ 3 pressing on my spinal chord, and I am not a candidate for surgery due to my poor bone density. Some days are better than others. My heart goes out to you and I remember all to well the struggle of trying to get to and through work each day while living in this much pain- it really takes a toll on you. Talk to your HR people, explore your options. I wish you all the best! Much love and compassion, Lyn (BTW, I am only 56 years old)
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