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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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"Burning" nerves in back - Anyone had it

I have major back trouble with little pain control using narcotics. The docs suggested "burning" the nerves in my back. I have 3 disc that are now gone in lumbar area, stenosis, osteoporosis & so on.
= much pain
I still do what I can around the house, no choice.
Has anyone had good results with this procedure, they're talking about 8 spots on one side to start. Is it worth it? What happens when this "wears out"? Does the pain come back as bad, or slowly? In the same area? Will the pain be harder to handle? Can the procedure be repeated? How many times? Does it cause any other problems?
Thanks for listening.



I had that procdure done, and I didn't think it went very well. It only lasted for about 3 months, and the doc claimed it would last for a year. The procdure had to be one of the most painful procdure I have ever had a day in my life. My doc didn't want to do any type of numbing medcation until the very end of the procdure which made it totaly unbareable. I refuse to ever go through that procdure ever again. It was very expensive, it hurt really bad and it only helped for a few months and the nerve grew right back and the pain came back with it.

I just had it done on Thursday! I have been doing them for over 3 years. I get light sedation however....Freedom...I can not imagine not having some sedation for this procedure. I worked much much better the first year. My dr. is surprised it only lasts about 4 months. Per insurance I can only do it every 6 months per side. I usually have the right side done and a month later the left. I was told it can depend on which nerves they actually get per burn how successful it will be. My dr said there are so many nerves they may not actually get the same ones each time. I have not noticed any other problems from this. In my case it just does not seem to take as much of the pain away or last as long.
The first day isn't too bad if they numb it up enough. The next couple of days can hurt. I ususally notice the specific nerve pain improving right away but I have heard some people say it takes a while to work.

Hope that helps. Good luck. Feel free to ask me any other questions.

Thank you so much for the insight. I had a horrific experience about 20 years ago without freezing or anything to sedate me & it did nothing to help.
I think I may try this new procedure.
I'm really glad you had so much fun last night!
You must be very special to take the time out to send me a note when you're dealing with so much yourself.
God Bless & Thanks.

I had it done last spring and they did 3 areas in 3 separate rounds (trying to find out which ones might work) and unfortunately none of them helped at all. Just a lot of money out of my pocket & no lessening of the pain. But I had a friend who had it done in Nov and it helped for about 2 weeks for her. But I have never had anything like that or epidurals or even my back surgery actually help.

Just an update for you. Unfortunately the nerve pain in my leg is back. I don't think they got the right nerve. Today is a really bad day, but again, this is not how it normally goes. I do think it is worth a try esp because it did help quite a bit for the first few years. Let me know what you decide.
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