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Oxycodone vs Dilaudid

I have been on the hydromorphone 2 mg for over 7 days now and i think i like it much better.
The oxy-Ir gave me a up and down with pain control. I could feel almost a withdrawal at the 3-4 hour mark. And of course the chest pressure.
This hydromorphone is totally different. No ups and downs, no mood issues, just a gentle warmth thru the ol body as it is working and pain relief. I was hyper and more energtic on oxy but this Dilaudid is more realxing and calming. I can sleep with it too whereas oxy kept me up.
I much prefer this Dilaudid only draw back is working thru the constipation. And it feels like my insides are pulling inwards in the gut.
So i am drinking more and lemon water, proboictcs, and some magnesium. And eating some more fiber. Anybody who has not tried this drug and has issues with the others or drug sensitive like myself i suggest trying it.



Dilaudid is a very good drug and it has worked well for me for very short term pain control. If you can take one, it makes perfect sense to me that you cannot take the other.

However, and I do not know your age, I say this to myself as well as to doesn't get much better than this so what are you going to use when you develop a tolerance to it?

I am not willing to put myself in that at risk group, yet. I will only take dilaudid in the hospital and signed a pain management agreement to that end for the time being.

However, if you need it, you need it...Buu do not ever give me morphine orycodone again.

ood luck,


I'm on dilaudid now too (though I switched off vicodin). It works much better and I don't get as many migraines. I started it post-outpatient-surgery after the vicodin wasnt touching the fallout from the pre-tests needed. Afterwards my PM agreed to maintain the Dulaudid @ 2mg vs the post-op 4. I try to reserve it for my worst days, but it has been very helpful to me. I went thru a horrible pain flare and sleeping was elusive. The dilaudid helped me get some decent sleep! My PM recommends adding Senokot to combat the constipation. I also use Miralax but the whole thing is complicated by alternating IBS, etc. -ugh. I found Kefir helpful too. Glad u found something that works for you. Always a good msg to respect the potencies of these meds... But I'm glad it's in my PM arsenal.

@lindyeaton i am 51 and have tried morphine (made me throw up ) and oxycodone (chest pressure like something sittign on it) so my doctor took me off it and put me on hydromorphone. I have very litle side effects with it only more constipation. I am taking the 2mg 3-4x a day. Everyday. And it works and no nauseousness or chest pressure. I had good releif from oxy-IR but a hour into the med i would have such a heaviness on my chest. Probably the central nervous system and that was risky. I dreaded the thought my doctor would take me off all narcotics and how i would live wiht the pain. But this was her solution. I am pretty good at tolerance i was on oxy-ir and percocet for 2 yrs and never increased more than 1/2 pill. SO i am good that way.
The other crazy thing is i CANNOT take narcotics thru IV right inot the blood stream. One time they tried with my gallbladder and at 2mg of dilaudid i felt like i had a elephant on my chest and screamed for the nurse to stop. So i tread very carefully with narcotics and my doctor monitors me a lot. I would assume i am one of those who cannot really take narcotics which is the only thing that helps give me mobility. So if this works for now it is the only option i have. Thanks for caring
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