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Physicians and professionalsdefine pain as chronic if it lasts longer than three to six months and is persistent. It's distinct from acute pain that is a direct result of injury or trauma. This support group is dedicated to those suffering from chronic pain. Discuss treatments that have worked for you, find advice for your specific experience, and find support. You're not alone in your pain.

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grounding mat-David Wolfe

Anyone used a grounding/ earthing mat/ any opinions? Okay, so I come from a family of physicians, but in my desperation to try to treat my chronic pain (two bulging discs in lower back) I am looking into alternative medicine. Well a friend showed me this very powerful David Wolfe (leading alternative medicine guy) video about using "grounding" to treat chronic pain, based on the theory that most chronic pain these days is caused by inflammation. I started doing some research and found this link to an alternative/ complementary medicine article
There are apparently studies showing that an earthing mat might help with chronic pain- the basic idea being that you are getting electrons from the earth, which neutralize the positively charged free radicals that are responsible for chronic inflammation. Sitting with your feet on this mat is supposedly like walking on the ground barefoot. Well I bought this mat for about $60 from and so far used it for two days while sitting at the computer - probably not long enough to get all the toxins out of my body, but I do feel like I am experiencing a minor reduction in pain. I realize that this might be purely psychological.
Well for what it's worth, I thought I would share this with you.



Thank You for sharing. I too look at alternative treatments to help me relieve my pain and also to help with other health problems.

Once you have used this for awhile please update us on how it is working for you.

Hugs & Prayers,

Personally, I'm a little leery of these things that are sold retail only because I figure if they are THAT good, then the therapists and doctors would be using them too.

I just get scared I'm throwing good money away by ordering stuff like that. But that's just me. LOL


I went in for that for awhile. Spent a boat load of money on these kinds of things. It did NOT work for ME.
That is not to say it will not work for you. You may have a different problem that me.

If it does work, please - PLEASE let us know. I'd try something like this again if a couple people I trust told me that it actually relieved pain.

Thanks for the info

Honey, I agree with Leeall and Sunny...... If you want to help your back, go for proven methods that have been around since dirt! Do some mild yoga, accupunture, massage, a treadmill, walking, etc. Try not to spend too much money on these stuff........... Take care!

i well look into this thankyou hugs minnie
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