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Baclofen cream


I was hoping some people would have some experience with Baclofen or topical muscle relaxants to answer a couple of questions.

I just received Baclofen in the mail [My doctor sent the request to my ins and he said if approved the drug company would send it in the mail to me].

This may be a totally dumb question, but I've never had a muscle relaxer cream before, only pills ...but, do I need to wear gloves when I apply it? Because I'm thinking I will feel it in my hands too if I apply it without gloves?

I'm guessing it is okay to take my Percocet along with using the cream since it is the same doctor who prescribed both on the same day?

Also, should I avoid driving if I use it? I know not to drive on Percocet but wondered if the muscle relaxer would have as strong an effect as the Percocet?

I tried looking it up online but I couldn't see a lot about Baclofen cream, only more of the oral form. So I wasn't all that sure how different the two forms are.

Thank you!




I have used a cream that had baclofen and other med in it also. I think it was. I never had to wash my hands because I would rub it in right before I went to sleep and I didn't wear gloves.
But since mine wasn't all baclofen it could be different so call your pharmacy if you are worried but washing your hands right after applying should work as it takes a few minutes to get down into the area.
If the same doc prescribed both it and the percocet it should be fine to take together but again check if you are not sure.
I would not drive on it until you know how it will affect you.

As far as driving I think you could post that separately.I posted bout alcohol prior to meds & it had alot of feedback about driving under the influence of medicine.
I am interested in learning more about your exp, with the cream.
I used to take 60mg orally & now cut back to 30-40mg.
I take an opiate & do not have issues driving but I also have my father in-law who owns a driving school & it is not an issue for me.
BUT each of us are different.


I started using Baclofen rub back in September and I find it helps a lot. Not...huge amounts in the sense of major pain but it takes the edge off and that in itself is a relief.

I've never had any problems with needing to wash my hands afterwards but if you're going to be eating or preparing food I would think it best.

Driving, I never had a problem. It's never affected my head, only the area in which I apply it which is super nice. I hate losing my brain for a couple hours.
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