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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) describes a sense of exhaustion and post-exertion malaise, even when you have gotten enough rest and sleep. The disease is characterized by six months of incapacitating fatigue experienced as profound exhaustion and extremely poor stamina, and problems with concentration and short-term memory. The cause is unknown, but it is a debilitating condition that makes day-to-day life difficult for those who have it. Join the group and discuss treatment, symptoms, and lifestyle changes that have helped.

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PMDD/Endometriosis Vs. Chronic Fatigue

Have any women diagnosed with endometriosis and/or PMDD noticed the effects of Chronic Fatigue worsen at certain times of the month, specifically extreme fatigue, depression, and weakness?



I have PMDD (and should get checked for endo or fibroids) and let me tell you, my fatigue is off the charts about a week before my period, getting progressively worse and not letting up until two days into the cycle. It's been so painful to feel that disabled by that kind of fatigue.

My psychiatrist put me on Ritalin (short acting) for that time of month and I decided to try and take it every day because I also have ADD and depression and regular fatigue all month as well. Well, it just make me crash, but I think I am going to reserve it for that time of month if I have a day where I really need to do something and simply hardly cannot.

I am 43 and this whole process has gotten so much worse with age. The fatigue is simply unreal.

I take all the supplements and vitamins and just put a call into my chinese herbal practitioner to get some more chinese herbal formula I was on before. I didn't think it helped me enough to pay for it every month, but I realize after not taking it for two months, that the exhaustion was lasting longer and the depression and the cramps were really awful. I think I felt a bit better in general on it the fest of the month too.

So I am going back on that this month. I was hoping it would relieve all of this but it did not. It made it a little better and shorter lasting, however.

This is what I get and it's explained here:

I have been taking some Iron beforehand too. Caffeine is something I need to get rid of totally but I have cut down and just drink black and green tea now. Cutting down reduced the irritability and anxiety for sure.

Other things I have been taking - evening primrose oil (helps breast tenderness), b-complex - vitex, fish oil, calcium and magnesium, vitamin d3 4,000 IU, folate, and iron. I also take celebrex a day or two before my cycle starts and during for insanely bad cramps.

I was also put on Prozac and I really hope that helps with the PMDD.

Good luck!

I have endo and PMDD, and have heard that women with endo have a higher liklihood of having CFS. I found that interesting, especially because like you, the fatigue/weakness I experience anywhere from 7-14 days prior to my period starting is unbearable. I take adderal daily, and even with that, I shouldn't even drive, let alone be alone. The depression is also extreme. I often cry for days and feel like the world is against me. I went to the gyno and he started me on Loestrin 24, a birth control that will hopefully ease some of the stress. As far as the first month goes, it doesn't seem to help, but I will give it some time.

If the pill does not work out, I would try and go to a chinese herbalist. Most acupuncturists have these formulas. It costs about $27 a month for mine. Ask for the free and easy wanderer or Xiao Yao San. I think it helped more with the fatigue the more I think of it and the depression the rest of the month too. I just felt a little lighter.

Another thing I just got yesterday was a Biotuner. It's based on cranial electrical stimulation. Sounds scary but it's basically a TENS unit for the brain. You put these little ear clips on and electrical pulses are emitted from the unti. You can vary the intensity.

I used it the first time last night and it knocked me right out as it was late. I slept so well and felt more relaxed and soothed mentally.

I will keep using it and update in a couple of weeks. I am mainly using it for depression but it is supposed to help pain, PMS, and other things. It could help naturally regulate neurohormones.

Here is the link that explains it well and another one to order it:

I really hope you get some relief. I know what it's like to be disabled by fatigue and then on top of it to have hormonal fatigue. I am too old for birth control and no matter what I have tried, it has made things worse.

Yaz is the one that is supposed to work for PMDD as well.

I've had endometriosis for 15 years. It's been well controlled for the last 6 yrs after surgery and being on a low-dose birth control pill. ME/fFS diagnosis 2 years ago, Fibromyalgia 6 months ago. Menstruation DEFINETLY makes FM symptoms worse and I think the ME/CFS makes menstrual symptoms worse because I have never experienced such severe depression and fatigue as I do now with my periods. An FM report from WebMD stated that occurance is common. I have found that my symptoms are less severe if I eat brutally clean for several days before the start of my period. That means whole foods, as little processed as possible, no alcohol, caffeine (can't handle it anyway), sugar (yes, that's a big baddie), and surprisingly this last time I cut out wheat and that seemed to make a huge difference with the depression. Try to find out what works for you and write down every month what you do different and how it affects you. I've found it to be a kind of challenge now, how can I make it better each month? Hope this helps!

That is interesting about the wheat. I am doing to give it up again for a while and see how I feel. I also read to avoid dairy products close to your period as they make the cramps worse, so I am going to do that too this month. I will keep a log on these things too. I use mood tracker for my mood disorder on and it has a section to add a note.

Right now I am on Prozac for the last two weeks and I am worried it is making me a little more tired but it will be interesting to see if it helps with the PMDD this month at all. I am only on 10 mg.

I really feel for all of us. I was so tired today. I had such decent and energy, did a few things and then totally wiped out. Getting close to PMS time is part of it.
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