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Mother Lost Primary Custody

Hello! So I'm new to group and I'm in need of advice or some resources. First off, I have two beautiful boys one 7 and the other 4. Both have different fathers. I have had primary physical custody of both boys until huge "scandal" of my so called "family." I openly live with my domestic partner since 2009 when all of these costly legal proceedings happened. My mother falsely accused me of using drugs, so I took a drug test, falsely accused me of child abuse and neglect, which I didn't and she didn't have proof, yet I lost guardianship of my oldest son to her in 2010. 2 Months later, she testified on my ex's behalf, and he accused me of the same thing, the judge laughed at him and said no proof. Yet he was awarded primary custody with me visitation. Now my ex denied me a court ordered visitation and took this back into court, saying I'm now mentally unstable, I've taken a pysch evaluation and have completed a parenting class for my own security. We all live in 3 different states, and my ex wants me to have supervised visitation in another state, with my so called "mother" supervising, and only wants me to have 1 phone call a week. I'm disgusted at this situation, and cannot believe the judge allowed him to have primary. Might I add my ex has my son call me by my first name and his step-mom is called mom. Him and his wife have 2 domestic violences incidences while being primary custodians and the judge didn't take it into consideration. Someone please help me! I feel like I'm losing my children and I've exhausted my financial resources in all this. What do I do next?!