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Cataracts form for a variety of reasons, including long-term ultraviolet exposure, secondary effects of diseases such as diabetes, or simply due to advanced age; they are usually a result of denaturation of lens proteins. Genetic factors are often a cause of congenital cataracts and may also play a role in predisposing someone to cataracts.

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  • Julia1953

    Laser Removal

    Hi. I'm 63 and have been told I need cataract surgery on both eyes. I'm told my cataracts are age related, not disease related. LOTS of people have told me the surgery is no big deal, but the thought of someone doing ANYTHING to my eyes scares me silly. They will do one eye at a time, and I have no date set yet. If anyone here had laser removal and can help ease my mind, I'd appreciate it.
  • miler

    Spectacles or ICL?

    Hey everyone here,I am new here. I am writing here to get a suggestion on what should I do with my eye problems. I am an IT professional. Recently I found trouble in vision. It was because of the workloads. I know the reason but I am hard to find a solution for this. The thing is a spectacle would meet my need but I don't want to use that. Spectacles are something that I hated to wear from my...
  • laurapaq

    New to this group

    Hi I am kind of new to this group.I am on a waiting list for cataract surgery. I went on the list in January and was told that I could wait from 9 months to a year.That would be fine except that I have only one eye. Had the right one removed in 1980.I would think that should bump me up on the list,but no.I live in Canada and we have long waits for almost everything medicalI am very worried but...
  • Next week I see my opthtmologist to set up cataract surgery on my left eye. There is no question I really need it. The problem is there is no cataract in my rigth eye and doctors are reluctant to do the surgery on that eye. I have worn glasses most of my life. Now 72. Left eye has always been a lazy eye and I think the best eyesight I had with that eye was 20/30 corrected. I am using a...
  • coreykenth

    Cateracts and Surgery

    I had a cataract surgery at Evergreen eye centre in Washington( )a year before and want to know how long I should wait to ride after the surgery. One of my friend had done this surgery and it took about a month. But my doctor said that one week is plenty. Has anyone been through this? Please share.
  • Hi, I have high myopia for both eyes (-14 D). Right eye now has cataract. The doctor said I can do cataract surgery and lens implanted for the right eye. The left eye needs to do the same procedure even it does not have cataract, so the two eyes can both have myopia corrected and balanced. I still have question on whether or not to have cataract surgery for the left eye. Wondering if there is...
  • amandasturm

    Blade less laser cataract surgery

    I have never used glasses my whole life, and never had to even go to an eye doctor, so I don't know much about eye surgeries. My mother who is now 60 has Cataract and the doctor said she will have to get a surgery to remove it. She is a lot worried about it and I don't know how to console her. Her appointment is fixed on the 3rd of next month ( at ) Is...
  • Last week our optometrist diagnosed my wife with cataract. Although it hasn't yet passed the initial stages, he suggested a cataract surgery and recommended me to an ophthalmologist of University eye clinic in Toronto, . We have an appointment with him for next Monday. Before the visit, we would like to know more about the surgery, other things to take...
  • garrry

    Lens Replacement

    Ive just had lens replacement in both eyes very similar to most cataract operations except I had a trifocal lens fitted in either eyeDay three now and my sight is improving dailyMy distance vision better than it was when I was a teenagerI was warned by my surgeon That I may need readers for small printwhich wasn't an issue for me But I am able to read a news paperand the small print on the back...
  • Hi! I My ophthalmologist suggested that I should have a laser cataract surgery for both of my eyes. I'm scared. I wanted to know if it's possible to continue wear glasses with progressive lenses without cataract surgery. And also I've consulted Evergreen eye care at Seattle for my laser treatment ( ) anyone did their laser treatment there? It would be...
  • donsabi

    Cosopt & Cataracts

    About ten years ago I was dx'ed with glaucoma in my left eye. I had a laser procedure to relieve the pressure that was successful and prescribed Cosopt drops for that eye. (My right eye is fine). Over the years since I began using Cosopt I have developed a cataract in my left eye that now needs surgery. No drops in my right eye and no cataract either.Has anyone else developed a cataract/s...
  • regwin

    Eye discomfort

    I recently found out I have cataracts. I'm noticing discomfort in my eyes. How can it be relieved till I have surgery. need to know more about laser surgery.
  • regwin

    Cataract information

    I had an eye exam recently. I then got a prescription for new lenses.. The Dr said I had cataracts and they would contact me again in a few months. I have been experiencing discomfort in my eyes. I can describe it as pressure. I would like to know if anyone is familiar with laser surgery. Will the Dr prescribe drops to relieve the discomfort till I decide to have surgery ?
  • PhilGab8

    Cataract Surgery after RD Surgery

    I need to have a cataract removed 6 months after surgery for a detached retina. I was told that the detached retina made the vision worse in the eye with the cataract. Has anyone experienced this situation? There is a lot of info on RD after cataract surgery but not the other way around.
  • Caroline04

    The lighter side of it

    OK, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one walking into doors, knocking things over etc. but around Christmas, knocked over a large display of jarred pearl onions at the end of a store aisle in Giants. While I think putting something like that at the end of an aisle (glass) wasn't the best of ideas, I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl away! It wasn't that I didn't see it, my judgement is just...