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Caring for aging parents can be a difficul time as we become the caretakers for our parents. This broad responsibility can encompass such services as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes, hospice care, and in-home care. Whether you have just started caring for your parents or just need a place to talk, we're here.

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update on brother

I learned tonight my brother is nearing his end its just a matter of days as his kidneys are beginning to shut down and he is having difficult y swallowing . oh how i have been through this before lord have mercy my heart is sick and i am heartsick over losing my only brother.

lord have mercy on his soul save him protect him guide him back home to where he knew you long before the world knew him.

god bless by beloved brother................bruce..................



God, please give peace to shur's brother bruce on his last days..give him strength and peace in his heart and mind so that he will be able to let go of his journey on this earth easily. Please give strength to shur and her mom and other family to accept his journey in this earth smoothly so that they remember the beautiful memories of him rather than his suffering and pain. God, please make sure that Shur feels your presence in this difficult time and even after her brother leaves here and comes to You, that the family members hearts be filled with love for their brother and make them feel your presence so that the pain of missing their brother feels smooth.

my prayers aagain to you and your mom and brother bruce too, shur.

I know its a tough journey..please u are never alone. god is with you all the time. I know our hearts break when we are in that situation. My prayers so you feel peace in ur heart. Ia m so very sorry that you are going through this.

my wishes again.
please keeo us updated.

oh bh your prayers strengthen me thank you for such a beautiful prayer i am glad that you are here your prayers give me much needed consolations god speaks through you today.

god bless you

i pray that you and your sister and mother are strengthened today and everyday.

agony in the garden is all that is left for me now.
i will keep you posted on what is happening

thank you once again for your love and concern and prayers

Shur, I'm so sorry to hear this. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

Your brother Bruce will always be there for you in your sweetest of dreams!

Big hugs to you and your family
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