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Breast cancer is a cancer that usually originates in the ducts or lobules of the breast. Symptoms of breast cancer can include a lump in the breast, a change in size or shape of the breast or discharge from a nipple. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, and meet others going through the same. Fight on!

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hi, does breast cancer turn into bone cancer?

hi, i had breast cancer in june 2007. it was a stage 3 idc, it had spread into one of my lymph nodes, therefore i had 2 opps, a lumpecatamy and then a total lymph node clearence followed by chemo and radiotherapy., i now have lymphadima in my arm, i started getting lower back pain about a year ago and was told by my doctor [after having a mri scan]it was stenosis, i still have a lot of pain in my back, recently a relative told me the type of breast cancer i had often can turn into bone cancer of the spine, does anyone know if this is right? as im petrifide of the cancer coming back, thanks angie



Been there done that hun. I was the same except I had 10 of 13 nodes positive and had a mastectomy....I have pain all the time and I worry about a reocurrence. My problem is Fibromyalgia and so I can not know for sure what the new pain I might have is. Just trust in your Onc and be seen every 6 months if you can. Chemo and Rads can cause long lasting problems.
I am 7 years out now....Yes it can come back in your bones and almost everywere else....don't freak out.
You had an would have picked up cancer if it where there.
Stress and worry will only make your pain worse.
I do pool "water" therapy or excercise as they call it at the helps alot.
Hang in will be OK

Yes, the cancer can come back as bone cancer - in the spine or elsewhere. That does not mean the pain you are feeling is bone cancer.

Chemo is poison - the gift that keeps giving. Discuss your pain with both your GP and your onco to see if they have suggestions to alleviate your pain or if they are concerned about it signifying anything seriously troublesome.

In the meantime, please try CoQ10 supplements. They are recommended for bone/joint pain that can be caused by taking statin drugs (for cholesterol, triglicerides, etc.) The CoQ10 may not alleviate all the pain you are having but I haven't read of it hurting anyone either. You should check that out for yourself and ask your doctor whether he/she thinks it might help. It is the low tech, first round, non-invasive attempt at solution that, if it works, saves you from invasive or otherwise expensive/unpleasant medical treatments that also may or may not work.

I hope you get relief soon and that it is the simple solution that helps you.

- Diane
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