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Body art is a modification of any part of the human body for artistic or aesthetic reasons. It can range from the socially acceptable decoration (e.g., pierced ears in many societies) to the religiously mandated (e.g., circumcision in a number of cultures), and everywhere in between. This is a place to share your body modification experiences and ask questions.

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First Tattoo

So I'm considering getting my first tattoo, I've been flip flopping between designs since last December but I think I've found the one.

The problem is, my previous designs all went on my mid back, where no one could see them on a daily basis, but this design I really feel would be a great shoulder tat.

It could go on the side, but I also decided that I want my tattoo to be a real, visible, part of me. I think of it more like art, and why would I want to cover it up?

I just get hesitant thinking about formal events, my wedding specifically. I know my dad is really against tattoos and I don't want to feel like I have to wear my hair down to avoid conflict. Also, on the off chance I end up regretting it I'll just be mad at myself for having to worry about covering it up.

My tattoo design represents a really important part of who I am and what I've been through, I'm just worried I guess that it could cause problems later on and cause me to regret where I got it.

Anyone with visible tattoos ever have a problem at formal events where the majority of people are not tattooed?



For events or circumstances in which tattoos need to be covered up and clothing doesn't surface, there is always makeup. Dermablend is amazing, I personally use it to cover scars which nothing else seems to hide and it recently just made a new debut in the news in which this guy who is covered in tattoos has them entirely covered with the makeup and the results are pretty spectacular!

Basically - if you really want the tattoo, get it. If other people do not like it, its their problem not yours. If you for whatever reason need to cover up your tattoo for a special occasion, invest in some makeup or just walk in with super confidence and don't let anyone make you feel bad for your decision to get a tattoo.

I've always loved showing off my tattoos any chance I get. They're all fairly small & not like bloody skulls or anything like that LoL so I've never had any problems.

Tat's dont "run" in my family either but expressing myself was more important. No one was mean. I had to field some comments but I just told them that if something on my skin would chnage how they felt about me as a person, then they werent who I thought they were and didnt need nor want them at me special events. They found that the tat really wasnt that big of a deal and got over it. lol
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