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As I sit safe in heaven
And Watch you everyday
I try and let you know
With Signs
I never went away!
I hear you when your laughing
And watch you as you sleep,
I even place my arms around you,
To calm you as you weep.
I see you wish the days away,
Begging to have me home.
So I try to send you sings
So you know your not alone!
Don't feel guilty that you have life
That was denied to me,
Heaven is truly beautiful
Just you wait and see!
So live you life, and laugh again
Enjoy yourself be free till than.
I know with every breath you take
You'll be taking one for me.




This so true and very well said Thank you for sharing this

dear BA
lovely poem i just lost my mom about 3 weeks ago and although i write poetry i havent been able to write about her or what has happened,,,i have written more like general thoughts i guess...i especially like the last 2 lines and the one thing i am trying so hard to grasp is that after a tumultuos relationship like what my mom and i shared for many years...i pray now she can "see" my true heart and finally thanks for sharing. i wish you healing and hope....lAEll~~*

This is SO true. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love the poem!

Very lovely poem!

Beautiful and sad poem..but I would like to think, true. My mom passed a little over 3 years and I miss her today like I missed her as if she just died. The pain will never go away; what I try to do is live my life as if she was here and I want to make her proud of me. The need to make my mom happy and proud will never die; unlike the physical body, our need to be seen, heard and needed remains.

My close friend just found out his mom has a brain tumor that will likely take her life within 3 months. I am trying to guide him and let him know that our need to hold onto such love as a mom gave us, becomes our strenght to love ourselves that much more.

If god forgives us...we need to forgive ourselves. Pray for my friends mom and I will continue to pray for all of you beautiful souls out there struggling with the pangs of loss of such a significant person, your moms.

I will encourage him to come here. Please welcome him if he does. He is a strong man, at least on the outside..on the inside, mush. :)

Love you all.
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