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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. In fact, about 3 in 4 adults will experience back pain during their lifetime! The term back pain includes pain affecting the neck, midback and low back. Acute back pain may begin suddenly with intense pain but typically lasts fewer than three months. Usually, chronic back pain is persistent, steady, and ongoing.

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The Pain Never Goes Away, And Nothing Helps

I am on the strongest narcotics available, and they do not even touch my back pain. I have been on MS Contin 60 mg, Fentnal 200mcg every 2 day for a very long time now. I will use the patches different at times when I can, like 100 mcg every 3 days, and MS Contin 90 mg if I have to. I never get any relief.

It does not go by the weather, I have monitored that, or if I up sitting ,walking,or standing. There is no logic in any of it. It is more like
Russian Roullette. It runs my life, it controls me. I can't just do the dishes, laundry, go grocery shopping. It causes so much anxiety, depression, and so I have to wait for all of these things to go away so I can have a life.

I wish I had never had the back surery. I know better as a nurse. I was not in a mental state of mind to even make that decision at all. My daughter, well I had her go with me because of that. I now look back, and realize she wasn't either. The doctor had us in there for 5 min. and scheduled the surgery!!! Now I am ruined for life, but the pain!!! WHAT THE HECK CA I DO?

No I don't want a pain stimulator put in, they only end up geting infected, and then you have to have another surery to have it out. Also it's just not a great idea to have surgery period, unless it's a real emergency. Infection can set in, there are just so many risks that we don't even think of.

Sure right now, I think I want to call my doctor, and tell him to do something, anything.
I am desperate, but that's how I got this way in the first place.

I won't do this forever, I told tha to my brother just recently. He had told me I come from a line of family that live to be 104 years old, not with this kind of pain, Iwill do something before that.




Your last paragraph got me quiet upset, Although im not in pain and cannot say i know what it is like, But i have watched my father go through it.
He turned to smoking pot, then drinking, his pain meds and when all else failed he didnt want to live with the pain.
im scared by the memory of when i was 12, i remeber it like it was yesterday. I had been swimming and went to have a warm shower i could hear my sister 15 screaming from the loung room, i jumped out of the shower grabbed a towl and ran, i was shock when i entered the room to see my dad lying on the loung his face a purple green and my sister holding his feet trying to pull him off the loung.
i dropped my towl grabbed my dad and pulled him onto the floor we rolled him onto his side and the rest is a blurr i remeber telling 000 what colour our house and mail box was and then paramedics rushing into the house pumping his stomach and then everyone was gone.
the only thing i could think to do was to clean up the vomit, by that time i was waring a nightie and in shock of what just happened.
After that my father trying to commit suicide became like second nature to me, i knew when the help line people called and why and when he went for long walks to the bush what he was thinking of doing or trying to do, i would go across the road to my neighbour and say "he is doing it again" they would know what i was talking about and go after him.
This was my fathers lowest point it went on for about 12months but to me it felt like for ever.

i cant say that i know what your going through i just ask that you think about how it will affect the people around you, who love and care about you.

Today my father has his good and bad days but feels so guilty because of what he wanted and tried to do. If he had managed to do what he wanted to back then he would have missed his kids growing up and seeing his grandchildren.

Those are only the strongest meds that you insurance will pay for. Ms Contin is just Morphine Sulfate and from my experiences it is useless to severe pain. Have you tried Oxycontin? I had to go through the morphine and fentnal and all the others before appealing to my insurance company to get them to pay for the Oxycontin. $329 for 60 pills at Costco, but they did pay for the first month before deciding that they wouldn't pay unless I tried all the alternatives. When none of them worked they did decide to pay for the Oxycontin (Oxycodone 40mg).

Read the "about me" section of my profile - you will see im in very much the same situation as you. My last surgery ruined my life and i'm in horrible pain as a result. The surgery disabled me.

I am going for the spinal cord stimulator. I have an appt. on July 16th. Yes, it can become infected and yes its another surgery, but this is quite minor compared to what i've been through already and the benefits far outweigh the risks. Stimulators have a 90% success rate and if I have a 90% chance of being in less pain, then its a chance I want to take.

I have children and because of that, I have an obligation to be a parent. That means I have to do everything I can to get back to ther person I was. I refuse to live on pain meds forever and wreck my internal organs. My kids are worth me taking a risk of another minor surgery. I'll give anything to be able to function again.

Perhaps you should reconsider the spinal cord stimulator - aren't your kids worth it? Dont you want to be pain free?

Hi Debbie, I don't know if a medial branch block would help you, however you might ask your Dr. I had one in March and its lasted until about last week when I started feeling some pain again, although not as bad as it was. I was like you before this I couldn't do anything and the pain was just constant. I hope your feeling better soon, and get some relief / Kat
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