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SCS Revision....Scared!

I am new here and was hoping to hear from anyone who has had to have a revision to a Spinal Cord Stimulator.
I've been happy with mine since it was implanted almost a year ago.
However, it has recently been discovered (via Xray) that one of my leads have migrated down about 6 inches! I am pretty sure this happened several months ago and I am worried that this lead has scarred in to where it has migrated.
I know it sounds silly, you would think a person would have known about this, but in my case I quit using the programs that were running off of this lead and have only been using the program that runs off of the 'good' lead.

My Dr is hard to 'talk to' because he's always in surgery.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



I went through a SCS revision earlier this year due to a lead fracture. My initial implant was a year previous to the revision. The surgery itself is very much like the surgery in which they implant the SCS permanently. Try not to worry too much! I know that is easy for me to say but I have been there and you will be just fine.

The company that makes my SCS told me that it is very rare for a lead to fracture like that. However, if something strange is going to happen, it's going to happen to me! LOL I knew that something was wrong with the SCS because I was having to charge all of the time and I wasn't getting the coverage that I had previously. I have been great ever since the revision. No problems since! I love my SCS and think that it is very much worth going through all of this to get the relief that it brings me.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have!

Dear ScS''er. I feel for you. I know it's frustrating to think about having another surgery but if the first one did help you, then it's worth going through the revision. I don't know why they haven't been able to perfect these devices or procedures so that patients don't have to have them revised. I had a permanent one placed several weeks ago that failed even though the temporary was somewhat successful. They now want to do a paddle revision on me. I am just now FINALLY recovered from the first surgery and don't want to have to go through a laminotomy when my pain level right now is only a 6-7. So, I am taking vitamin D, doing yoga and zumba classes and trying to live a normal life again until they take mine out for good. I DON'T WANT that stupid lump in my body and don't know WHY I ever let them talk me into it! What a waste it was for me! I do hope though that you will have a quick recovery from your revision and enjoy a decreased pain level once again.

Thank you for the replies!
A fractured lead! Wow! Well, I'm glad you got it rectified and are doing good! I agree, I love the relief the SCS brings me, so I will bite the bullet and get the lead's worth it, although it sucks that I have to start from scratch with post op restrictions.

And Stit60, I am so sorry yours didn't work out. I know how devestating this must be. I hope you are doing ok with your pain levels.

My main concern is that I know this lead has had a chance to scar into the surrounging tissue and it has 2 kinks in it along the 6 inch path of the migration. I hope this isn't going to require making a long incision to rectify. I know most revisions can be done by simply going in thru the original small incision....but in these cases, the leads usually had recently migrated.

Thanks again for taking the time to share....
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