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Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. In fact, about 3 in 4 adults will experience back pain during their lifetime! The term back pain includes pain affecting the neck, midback and low back. Acute back pain may begin suddenly with intense pain but typically lasts fewer than three months. Usually, chronic back pain is persistent, steady, and ongoing.

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Oxyflow or jiggling george

Has anyone tried the Oxyflow or a jiggling george?



I don't even know what those are. I never heard of them. What is it??

They are a machine that you lay down on a hard surface like the floor and lay your feet over it your ankles will rest in a spot for them. You turn the machine on and it completely realines you.
My first time with it was in Brandson Mo. I was haveing terrible leg and hip pain, I seen a sign that I thought they might have some cream. Well it was one of these machines. I was having a hard time walking and in a great deal of pain, the lady said to lay down and she explain a couple things and said when the machine shut off to walk across the room and back to her before I put my shoes on. I got up and started walking and swung around and said my pain is gone!!! WE traveled the 3 hours home and the pain did not return. They were $350 but after I returned home I found one for sale that someone was not using for $25. You can read more about them on diferent sites. Just put in either name.

wow I wish something would take all my pain away. I have to many other problems though. But I am really glad it worked for you and it was worth $350. to be pain free. I had to read i twice. Thats pretty good though but should you being doing ityourself?? You be careful now ok.
Take care with love and hugs

I also tried George whil in Branson a couple of years ago. I thought my body was being giggled everywhere! It did not make a difference for me, but I am glad it helped you. When we are in so much pain we will try anything!
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