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Cough Variant Asthma

I was diagnosed with Cough Variant Asthma when i was in second grade. I was always coughing really hard and had some trouble breathing. I would love to meet others with CVA also. I have never talked to anyone else who had CVA, and doctors are not really aware of it. Some of the symptoms are different from regular asthma like no wheezing, pulse oxygen is always normal (even during attacks) and violent coughing up to months after an attack. I also have convulsions and lose consciousness during attacks. Anyone else have CVA or experience the symptoms that I do?



Hi Katie,
I have asthma in which I cough all the time.Not really wheezing and my oxygen level is always good,but I do cough all the time..I can't even really talk to anyone,because I start coughing..I have been to a Asthma specialist,but she didn't mention this type of asthma to me..I have been diagnosed with vocal cord disfunction.When I get to coughing so hard..I do feel my whole body going numb.and I feel like Iam going to loose consciouness,but I never do.I hate this feeling....
I hope all goes well for you..

Love Star,

I haven't been given the label of CVA, but I'm pretty sure that is what I have. I never wheeze which makes the docs think I'm not having any troubles. My breathing just gets very shallow and I don't pass much air. My O2 does drop occasionally but not with all attacks. I haven't passed out...yet. Hoping to avoid that. I do get awfully weak during a coughing spell and feel as if I am about to collapse though.

It's very draining to be like this.


I also NEVER wheeze, I cough instead but not to the degree all of the others have described (once maybe).

The Pulmonologist I saw often said my symptoms were not typical Asthma symptoms. As well, my pulse ox readings are not very low but my breathing is shallow and my BP gets very high.

Interesting, I've never heard of or read about CVA. Thank you for introducing it.

hi katiebug2010,
i was diagnosed with cough variant asthma by the lung consultant last week (before that i was told i had non-allergic asthma).
my gp and my asthma nurse had never heard of cva either; there are some articles on the internet but there is very little available.
like you, i cough and cough and then cough some more! i also passed out once and then had some sort of convulsions in my legs - it was scary! i used a lot of ventolin and atrovent and i recovered within 40 minutes.
like you , i never ever wheeze; i have no idea what my pulse oxygen is but my peak flow is always above normal when i visit the hospital. my peak flow can fluctuate at home.
i am now 51 but i have had these months of winter coughing my whole life. i went through a variety of diagnoses (sensitive airways, bronchitis, pluerisy...) and for a while i was treated for asthma until the local hospital thought it did not have asthma because i did not wheeze.
in a way, it is easier to have a name for my illness and know i am not just a hypochondriac!
i use advair(seretide 250) and spiriva. i find spiriva helps me most. the consultant is thinking about replacing seretide by a steroid only; he told me ventolin and similar drugs don't help cva.
although i am now feeling a lot better, i am housebound during this spell of snow and ice we are having. there is no way i can go outside without starting to cough! no shawl can prevent this.
how are you keeping? what kind of medication are you on?
happy christmas,

i found a useful discussion of cva on webmd
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