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Asthma is a disease of the human respiratory system where the airways narrow, often in response to a "trigger" such as exposure to an allergen, cold air, exercise, or emotional stress. This airway narrowing causes symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing, which respond to bronchodilators.

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Singulair and behavior changes?

Have other people noticed a change in behavior with the Singulair? Since my son has been taking it, he has become more compulsive and hyper. I mean, its better than him not being able to breathe, so I am not complaining, Im Just looking to see if others have noticed a change as well? thanks



i havent noticed a thing.

I have just been put back on Singulair and I haven't noticed anything, but I am also taking B6 & B12 vitamins to help with my immune system and asthma.

Hang in there,

I have been on Singulair for over a year. I take it at bedtime because it it makes me drowsey. My inhalers hype me.

I think they hyperactivity comes in children, as we took my son(4) off Singulair in October because of it. He's been having more need for his inhaler but still not very much since(his triggers are colds and weather changes), so his asthma dr put him on Pulmocort only when he gets a cold along with his Albuterol in the nebulizer. He has had ALOT of nasal congestion the last 2 weeks and the combo go rid of it in 1 DOSE!(I gave him 4 over 2 days just to be safe, but I don't plan to give him any tonight). He really only gets bad 2-3x a year so a daily controller isn't really necessary in our case according to the dr.

btw, I asked the dr about the behavior issues and he said that while some children have that side effect, the warning was not needed that they put on Singulair 2 years ago because it wasn't widespread. The more pressing side effect was the mood changes(depression).

I met someone tonight at my girls night that told me her daughter who is two and 1/2 was extremely hyper when she took singulair. It was the liquid form and I think crushed powder form.

She said she should have filmed how hyper she was because it was unlike her typical hyperactivity when she's excited or something.


What kind of side effects does Montelukast have?

Below you will learn what the known possible side effects of Montelukast are. These side effects may not happen to you at all, but could, because every person reacts to medicine differently.

Common Side Effects:

For children between the ages of six months and two years:
Diarrhea, hyper-activity, asthma, skin infections (eczema), skin rashes.
For children between the ages of two and five years:
increased thurst.
For children between the ages of six and fifteen years:
For adults and youths above fifteen years of age:
headaches, stomachaches.

Very seldom side effects:
Diarrhea, mouth dryness, digest problems, nausea and vomitting, liver value increase (transaminase), gall bladder blockage, liver infection, increased tendency to hemmorage, bruises, heart palpitations, exhaustion, dizziness, generally feeling sick, water retention, medication overreation (itching, hives, rashes, face swelling (angio edema), increased white blood cell count (eosinophilia), anaphylactic shock, joint swelling/infection, muscle aches, dizziness, nightmares, hallucinations, drowsiness, insomnia, paresthesia (pins & needles, burning sensations), irritability, restlessness, seizures (epilepsy), thrombosis.

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