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Cardiac arrhythmia is a group of conditions in which the muscle contraction of the heart is irregular or is faster or slower than normal. Some arrhythmias are life-threatening medical emergencies that can cause cardiac arrest and sudden death. Others cause aggravating symptoms, such as an awareness of a different heart beat, or palpitation, which can be annoying.

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arrhythmias duiring passing of water

I'm new to this site although not to Daily Strength. Sorry to open up with such a delicate heading but it's my problem and I'm hoping to receive some insight into it from the group.

When I've been asleep for a few hours and have to go to the bathroom in the morning around 3 or 4 AM to pass water I experience arrhythmia that lasts for an hour or longer. I don't know if it is that I am straining or something else is involved. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this same thing. Thanks for any info. Be well. Roy 10



It could be happening from cavalier nerve stimulation. Try not to strain if you can, although sometimes straining is exactly what can end the arrhythmia. Have you been checked and given a diagnosis for this rhythm?

I have had two experience similar but also very different from yours and I don't know if this will of any help but here ya go.

After 10 years of having a successful ablation and NO heart rhythm issues, my initial arrhythmia in 10 years that set me back to officially "abnormal" status was when i was peeing. This is graphic, but...I remember my butt barely had time to hit the seat and there went my was so SCARY! Especially since this was my first one in 10 years. Then about a year passed and I had a very odd experience in the middle of the night peeing. I got NAUSEOUS, light headed and my heart started pounding (but it wasn't an arrhythmia just a hard beat like my blood pressure dropped suddenly perhaps...) but I almost passed out and fell off the seat (I was 27 at the time!). I thought I might be having a stroke, so I stumbled into my bedroom and barely was able to get out the words "Im sick, HELP!" to my husband and then I hit the bed and as soon as I hit the bed, I was suddenly BETTER! All symptoms subsided totally in less than a minute and I felt fine.

I spoke with several doctors and they called it a vagal nerve response or vagal attack. Something about the release of urine is connected to our parasympathetic nervous system and apparently this is how these things happen. I haven't had any other pee related heart things but that was plenty for me. I hope you get this figured out.

wonderful information you''ve related and it's helped a lot believe me. With what you've provided I can research a good deal. Yes, the vagal nerve response makes sense. Thanks a million.
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