Antiphospholipid Syndrome Support Group

Antiphospholipid syndrome (or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome) is a disorder of coagulation which causes thrombosis in both arteries and veins, as well as recurrent miscarriage. It is due to the autoimmune production of antibodies against cell membrane constituents. A very rare form is the catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome, in which there is rapid organ dysfunction and failure.

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Men with LAC and APS

My husband, 35, was recently diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Lupus Anticoagulant syndrome... Here's his story, I am hoping to find any men that can relate or anyone else that can shed sum light or insite as we walk thru this journey.....

About 2 years ago, we were play fighting (he was 33 at the time) and out of the blue, he was hit with a SEVERE migraine, dizziness, nausea.. fell to the floor, thought I had punched him in the ear, the pain was so intense (of course, I hadnt hit him at all)... he crawled to the bathroom throwing up from the pain and dizziness..the next day we went to his gen. physician, who said he prolly had a pullled muscle in his neck... the symptoms didnt go away, he coujldnt walk..when he tried to he would fall. I convinced him to let me bring him to the ER.. we arrived and his blood pressure was 185/140.- Dr's ran a CAT scan and another with dye and found a spot that looked like a stroke. they called his dr. and dr. insisted it was nothing that there was a mistake cause he was so young... well he got the ER results the next week and called us to immediately set up an MRI.. 2 weeks later he did the MRI, between that time he had 2 more strokes. MRI also revealed he had between 30-40 TIA's. Dr.. didnt run more tests just put him on meds for anxiety, high blood pressure, and cholesterol cause it was also really high.. He got put on social security immediately.. Well he has progressively gotten worse over the last 2 years, so we finally went to a new dr a month ago after Jeramie had two more TIA's last month. The new dr. ran a series of tests, including blood work (extensive).. He called us in a week later as soon as the tests all came back. They revealed he has lupus anticoagulant syndrome and antiphospholipid syndrome. They immediately took him off the plavix he was on and put him on levenox shots (5 day cycle) and coumadin. His INR levels are better now so he stopped the levenox, but coumadin, is lifelong treatment, as you know. We think there is more going on becuase of the way his health has detereorated over the past two years. It seems like we cannot catch a break.. it is one thing after another. since the strokes, he started having repeated kidney stones.. went to kidney dr. a couple weeks ago after testing and shows he has 3 factors contributing to forming them, not just one.. one is Uric acid, well I tell you that to enlighten you on our most recent issue that we are trying to get an answer for...... About a week ago his left hand started giving him excruciating pain, along with numbness, tingling, swelling.. so much where he cannot close his fist sometimes or use his fingers...The dr. thinks its gout caused by his uric acid level being so high (12.8). Well he perscribed him pain med and told him it should stop in about 3 or so days, here we are a week later and its worse. the pain is almost unbearable, putting him into tears and now if he lifts his arm at all other than hanging down, its completely loses feeling.. He fears its a blood clot but don't know how to tell? He said he just knows it isn't gout, has a gut feeling somehting else is wrong? Any ideas? Also, is it normal to have other health issues with these? We are wondering what to expect?