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Anemia (or anaemia), which literally means "without blood," is a deficiency of red blood cells and/or hemoglobin. This results in a reduced ability of blood to transfer oxygen to the tissues, and this causes hypoxia; since all human cells depend on oxygen for survival, varying degrees of anemia can have a wide range of clinical consequences.

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Lab Results.....?

Doctor called me Thursday and said they called the hospital where i had my blood drawn and were told the results was being faxed to them that afternoon.... doctor said they would call me before 5 to let me know if i needed to go get another blood transfusion like i did last Friday........they never called me back. So Friday morning I called them to find out if i needed to go to the hospital for the transfusion or if my hemoglobin level was ok or not...... no answer so i left a message this was at 8:15am..... by noon no return phone call so i went to the office and said i needed the copies of the labs from 2 weeks ago and the labs that they recieved on Thursday and to know if i needed to get another transfusion or not...... the nurse said the doctor was out until monday and they couldnt tell me any information but they would give me copies of the tests they had......

Ughhhh im sorta frusturated but oh well guess i will have to wait till monday to find out what they are going to do about it all....... my question at this point is if you can tell from the lab values if you have a certain kind of anemia? Im obviously not having problems with excessive blood loss... no blood in urine or stool and no heavy periods..... i do have a family history of b12 problems (my mother had that type of anemia)

These are the results of both tests:

March 29th.......... (abnormal values found)
Calcium 6.2 LOW
RBC 3.68 LOW
HCT 27.0 LOW
MCV 73.4 LOW
MCH 17.7 LOW
Platelet 381

Hypochromasia Marked

Then i had a blood transfusion 1week ago

Lab Results for this week.......

Ferritin 3 LOW
IBC 383
RBC 4.67
HCT 34.4 LOW
MCV 73.7 LOW
MCH 21.0 LOW
Platelet 290

Sorry this is so long ..... im just very worried about this considering im having even worse neurological problems ever since i had the blood transfusion a week ago. If its all related to an iron problem then i just want to get on the right treatment so i can feel better. The doctor hasnt even recommended any iron supplements so im not sure why.
Thanks so much for any comments :)



Did Dr get back to you yet?? When my ferritin was 2 and hemoglobin was 8.2 I was haveing iron IVs so it dont seem like you are in any danger at the moment..IDK about RBC being low though

They havnt started me on anything and all ive gotten from the doctor was the results..... they havnt said anything about having me start on any iron or about having another transfusion.... i do have appt on monday to go over the results and hope this doctor will decide to do further blood tests to figure out why this is happening. Im really sorta frustrated about the fact they havnt order B12 testing or to check for gluten sensitivities due to family history and my history.... but i guess its all a waiting game at this point.

So, how are you doing now?
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