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Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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I just left this reply to someone who wanted to quit drinking cold turkey & she is a heavy drinker. I was curious to know how many know that this can happen to you too -


My life was almost exactly your story & at the end of my hard drinking days I did finally lose my career of 17 years as a VP, my son & my ex-husband. I was JUST LIKE YOU a functional alcoholic for years & hid it well. No one knew I was drunk, because I did my hard drinking at home, alone. Then my body got so addicted it took longer to get drunk. I also hid my bottles from my family too.

But my question is this, I don't know how much you drink per day or per week, but you might also want to consider the SEVERE medical damage from quitting drinking cold turkey.

I am not sure if you have ever heard of Delirium Tremens (form of alcohol poisoning) but it comes from alcohol withdrawals. The symptoms are horrific. Besides the physical crap, it can make you go crazy, suffer permanent brain damage, and YES It can kill you. I found out the hard way but got to the emergency room in time for treatment when I decided to quit "cold turkey" for the first time straight, I was drinking wine and for about 3 years it got to be two big bottles of wine per day. It could take less than that for you
Please check out the attached website it gives you the details about what happens when you quit cold turkey. Or any site on Delirium Tremens - PLEASE...

I also developed a horrible nerve damage disease called Peripheral Neuropathy that causes me the most intense pain 24/7. Thanks to heavy drinking. I drank heavy for about 6 or 7 years & I had all that happen to me.

About treatment centers, Ive been to FOUR and for me they didnt work or for about 95% of others that go. AA meetings I find could be ok social settings but I also know a lot of hypocrites that attend too.

What works for me is doing a lot of fun hobbies, like music & videography, PLUS a one on one shrink might help you figure out why you drink in the first place, I did.

I wish you the best of success & HEALTH!



Just for the record I do strongly suggest getting medical treatment to come off drinking if you are an alcohalic...

Oh thank God i am not alone.
When I quit cold turkey I went down to 87 lbs. and looked and felt like death.
It scared me into drinking again,,,and just yesterday someone said to me "Your color is better but you're still so damn skinny,,but you look better,
For a while there I was really worried about you."
And that was after I had stopped cold turkey...I looked like I was about to die and I am only 28 yrs, old.
AA really hurt me...they were like a clique here...and I was not one of the clique.
How awful!!!
I shared and gave them my number and even called them for help.
But they were COLD.
Is all AA like that? If so I don't want or need any more abuse.
I got a year and my sponsor didn't even get me a chip or cake?
I am going back to a site called "My Way Out."
I know i don't get the real person contact there..yet I sense they are for real.
AA people out where I am are so cold.
And I got COLD all during my no thank you.
I am not a piece of shit. I am a child of God and an heir of a great KING.
I will not be bashed anymore,,,I even had a "sponsor" who had no time for me...and when I went to her house she said she saw a drop of oil from my car on her oh so perfect drive.
She actually called me and said "next time you come park on the street, Your car left an oil mark on our driveway." (and by the way,,,this is a house Mommy GAVE to her & hubby. She had never even paid one red cent for it,)
I was living in poverty and working my ass off to survive as I am so far a very functional alcoholic.
I even bought my own home in May of this year.
But my "sponsor" has been GIVEN everything for free..then bitched to me that mommy tried to buy her love by giving so much to her.
Excuse me...but can we switch mommies, lol?!
So..are not AA people supposed to care?
My "sponsor" told me it's a selfish have to do it by yourself." Is that true??? Then why would I drive 100 miles round trip to go where no one even cares about me???
I went for a year and shared my story...but left alone all the time till I drove back in my OLD broken down van to get hope...but my sponsor lied to me last Christmas saying "there is nothing going on for Christmas...and so I sat alone.
So tired now..but WTF is this AA c rap??
I have really tired but got dirt kicked in my face by them here in Utah.
I feel I have to do it ALONE...just me and my God?

Well then, I havent been sober for 72 hours for probably 1 or 2 months. If I go into delerium, I guess Im a goner, I live alone. But thats ok, maybe that would be for the best.

Softrain: Just like we all have our various reasons for drinking, there are various treatments/solutions fit for you. I found that none of the "AA places" suited me too. There are other foundations to go to for a good support system, like we have one called W.I.N. Foundation out here in California. BUT the kicker is for most "programs" alone 95% won't stay sober for life. Do you go to a one on one therapist?

About DT's (delirium tremens) in order to safely come off drinking when that happens you will probably need medical attention. If you think it has happened to you in the past, your best bet is checking into a rehab clinic and be watched for a few days (they have free places in my area if you have no insurance) or you can go to the hospital after you've stopped drinking for at least four hours and they will most likely give you the meds/IV/watch your stats and just keep you for one night - first time on the drugs they give you to get you off drinking, I strongly suggest being watched by a medical staff at the least overnight. For me after the second day of being off drinking I felt amazing and every day after that I just felt better. The drugs they gave me I had to be on for one to five days & that was it.

It sounds like you've had a hard life with family & I had it the same but YES you can do it!!

Hang in there!

sirdrankalot - I am very happy that you never experienced delirium tremens cause it sucks! But I also developed a nerve damage disease from drinking 16 months after I quit drinking...

Drunks also die from withdrawal while in medical treatment, that is nothing exotic. Alcoholism is a deadly condition in more than one way.

Tiny - yes true like car crashes & liver disease will kill you as well but that wasn't the point I was trying to make - MOST never heard of DT's & will sit home and suffer because they think they are just "hung over".

cabledude - how about the seizures that can cause perm brain damage or is that still ok to be alive with? It's not just dying we have to worry about...

Not all alkies are the same - and their bodies are different - it's always best to check with a doctor about your situation, but some of us survive cold turkey just fine. i.e. ME


I've detoxed at home many, many times and it's horrid and I believe I could have died. I detoxed in a detox facility for a week too. Of those times I detoxed at home, alone, by the 3rd or 4th day, I ALWAYS ended up in the ER getting IV fluids, ativan & Phenergan because I could not take it anymore.

Once I actually thought I was dying while detoxing at home and went to the hospital.

I strongly urge anyone who drinks heavily every day for a long period of time, to do it under medical supervision where your vitals can be monitored. It can be done in the ER without going to a "rehab" setting if that is your concern....
Community LeaderExJerseyGirl2

I hope you don't scare people off from quitting.

If you quit and start having DTs call a doctor or get to an ER.

Like Carebear and others, I did not go through dangerous physical withdrawal symptoms.



I can't really speak for others but I believe it is common knowledge that you can die from withdrawal, unlike addicts.

ARTnZEN, you posted this to me. I tried to send you a message, but couldnt figure it out. Still new to this site. I've been drinking HARD for 8 years, yes, wine...because its more "socially acceptable" than hard liquor... I've quite before for 8 months, with just some anxiety the first week...I know what DT's are, and Im aware, but only get the this point in my disease.

Gotta throw the bullshit card down on this one.

Why would you write in this letter to a friend that 95% of people fail at AA following treatment? Doesn't seem like that's something your alcoholic friend could give 2 hoots about.

As a certified chemical dependency RN, I worked with detoxing alcoholics for 10 years. What I found to be true was that only alcoholics who continued to drink suffered any brain damage. Also, during that time only 2 people died during detox. I also detoxed from 11 years of vodka drinking. Didn't die.

Sorry, but if you're going to give out information, the least you could do is be acurate rather than give suffering alcoholics a reason to continue on to the bitter end.
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