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Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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Returning our sponsor's kindness

"Our earliest involvements with others often begin with our sponsor."

Basic Text, p. 57

Our sponsor can be an abundant source of recovery information, wisdom, and loving words. They've done so much for us. From the late night telephone calls to the hours spent listening to our recovery writing, they've believed in us and invested their time to prove it. They've lovingly and firmly shown us how to be honest. Their boundless compassion in times of turmoil has given us the strength to go on. Their way of helping has prompted us to seek our answers within ourselves, and we've become mature, responsible, confident individuals as a result.

Though our sponsor has given so generously and has never demanded repayment, there are things we can do to show our appreciation. We treat our sponsor with respect. They are not a trash can designed for us to dump our garbage in. They have their times of trial, just as we do, and sometimes need our support. They are human, have feelings, and appreciate our concern. Maybe they would like to receive a card in the mail or a phone call expressing our love.

Whatever we do to return our sponsor's kindness will enhance our personal recovery, not to mention the joy we'll bring to our sponsor.

Just for Today: My sponsor has cared for me when I couldn't care for myself. Today, I will do something nice for my sponsor.



Thanks for the timely post.

I still remember when I was about 4 months sober and called my sponsor to talk one night. She asked me if I thinking about getting a drink. I said "no". She then said "OK, I'm gonna let ya go then". I want to finish the game I'm playing with Don". I was beyond pissed! How dare she?! She was supposed to be there for ME!

Didn't realize until later that she was just livin' life on life's terms. I expected her to be at my beck and call. Now who in the hell did I think I was?? I almost fired her over that, lol. Glad I didn't. We worked together another 13 yrs. I had to go through the growing pains to get to a place where I could have compassion and tolerance for others, rather than just MEMEMEME all the time.
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