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Alcoholism is the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages, even when it is negatively affecting your health, work, relationships and life. If you think alcohol is causing you to lose control, it's time to seek help. Our group is a safe place to vent, check in, get back up if you fall, and reach sobriety.

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30 60 90 day sober milestones

My life turned around a day at a time .

At thirty days I could sleep better an physically I was detoxd

At 60 days I had pretty much done a meeting a day and I felt 200% better about myself physically & mentally I had prayed most days aswell coz I did'nt believe I had the power or strength enuf to hang in.

At 90 days I knew My prayers were being answered,coz my whole mind had changed into being happy and grateful with life I could clearly see and still can see how a higher power is working for me today in cleaning my life up through the 12 steps-

I was hoping some people would share their experiences of their 1st 90 days getting sober-

to inspire newcomers and me!



I have been sober for 3 weeks and I have noticed that I think a lot clearer now and I save a lot of money! ( ha ha) I guess I notice how crazy drunk people act and that I was just as crazy a few weeks ago. I live with drinkers and it drives me crazy to be around them now that I am sober. Congrats on your sobriety! Keep it going.

Hey Bee-I hear ya on the sleep thing..that's one of my favorite parts! I started sleeping great at about 45 days I guess.

The first 30 I was fuzzy headed and couldn't seem to think clearly. I realized that the "easy" foods I had eaten for years, actually taste like poo! lol!

After 60 days, my family noticed when we went out to eat dinner, that I would eat almost all of my the past, I've always eaten a few bites and was stuffed! Much more room for food when there's less vodka in the belly!

At about 60 days, I stopped wanting to randomly kill happy people upon waking in the mornings and the singing birds stopped pissing me off too. My sinuses are clearer and I can breath much better, guess vodka makes the nose stuffy too cause I've always been snotty until now! LOL! :)

I'm over 100 days now and am remembering things better, I've finally got my home in order & organized & cleaned and decorated! I moved last year and never hung many pictures...I'm living like a normal person now and it's fantastic!!

One tidbit that I found interesting is that I didn't have to turn down a doctor appointment on a Monday after a long holiday weekend because I'm not planning on being drunk for 3 days straight and don't have to worry about feeling like shit on Monday!

Life is SOOOO much better when I'm not having to plan things around my drinking...

My mom & sisters & I email each other and then "reply all" frequently, I offered my sister some advice a few days ago and my mom wrote back "you certainly are becoming wise these days" and both sisters have told me how proud they are of me for getting through the yuckies (step 4) and "stickin it out".

Considering most emails from me in the past were argumentative, judgemental & just plain ole bitchy, that is HUGE to me! Life is much sweeter...and so am I!!! hee hee...

BEE YES!!! I love you man. You keep working it yeah, or I'm coming over to kick your Kiwi butt. Hell, I'm coming over anyway. This is a great post to start my day. Coogee xxx

Hey Bee, congratulations, good to see you posting. I can't really remember my first 90 days now but it does keep getting better if you work the programme of AA. Gail

I did virtually everything wrong those first few months including smoking pot.I'd even get lit up after meetings with another supposed AA and we'd talk about how profound the meeting was! I' didn't have a clue. I eventually realized that after a few months pot smoking AA's either quit smoking pot or went drinking!
Somehow the Higher Power and the group kept me around without much help from me until I was well enough to at least do some of my own footwork. For my first 90 days about the only thing I did right was get my azz to meetings. And gradually this wonderful program took hold. An early lesson that while eventually I have to do some footwork, my sobriety is not my doing!


I almost forgot how hellish sleeping was to obtain. Now, it is just fine.

Gift of sobriety-sleeping better!
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