Adult Bedwetting Community Group

A place for adults who still have problems wetting the bed to talk about their feelings, to discover solutions, and to talk about life in general.

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Anyone only ? woudl you like to chat ?



hi. how are you?
did you find a way to deal eith bed wetting? Are all your children still in diapers? It was Your choise that they still wear them?

Yes let's chat

Hello how are you , I am urinary incon, nice to meet you
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    A little intro of myself

    im a 42 yo bedwetter.  I was a bedwetter as a child into my mid teens, my mom had me wear diapers for it.  This was in the 80's before pull-ups, so I wore pampers then small attends.  I was good 90% of the time with some spells until my mid 30's when I hurt my back and it returned full force so I'm back to diapers again.  I've been to the doctor but I haven't really followed up with it, I...
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    Hello everyone!

    Looks like the group got on with their lives :)  That's a good thing.  Once they changed the format, that was it for me.  I sort of gave up on it and got away from it for a bit.  Every now and again, I get some journal emails which I do go read and comment if I have anything to say, but for the most part, I've been away. How's everyone doing?  If you're out there send a reply.  I'd love to...