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Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) are more common than you might think. It is a syndrome that exhibits symptoms such as hyperactivity, forgetfulness, mood shifts, poor impulse control, and distractibility. Join others who suffer from these conditions and share your experiences.

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Dealing with the schools

So I am a proud Mother of 6. They are quite the handful and you know what? I WOULDN"T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY! I see their strengths, they bring me so much joy and laughter. However the most stressful part (for me as a Parent) is dealing with the schools. My Children attend Private Schools for a number of reasons. Religion being a major factor, but we also live in Baltimore City and to be completely honest the schools here are not safe. We cannot afford to send them to "specialty schools" that cost on the upwards of 20,000.
It seems to me that there is always one child having a big issue. If it is calm with the schools I tense because I know something is about to happen (I really am an optimist, but experiance has taught me to be a realist, so that I can cope when these things happen). My first grader son came to me during school (I teach in preschool) for an issue with his lunch. I sent him back with a note that he should bring his food to me so that I could fix it (my assistant quit and I was by myself). Well hi Teachers assistant blocked the door so he could not come out, and grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the principle. Before I go on I have spoken to all the Teachers in his class and told them NOT TO TOUCH HIM ever, especially when he is upset, as it multiplies the situation. Well guess what it multiplied it, he kicked her and the principle. The school counselor was holding him down when I finally got coverage to see what was going on. First they sent us home saying he is suspended, now two days later they want a letter from a mental health professional saying that he is not a danger to others, and then they will take it to the school lawyer to see what should be done. What am I supposed to do next? This in my opinion is just as much the Teachers aids problem for multiplying this situation. I feel helpless and frustrated. Anyone have any advice?



Well, I don't really have any idea what you can do since I don't know the laws out there. I would think that if your son is officially dignosed with ADHD that he would be covered by the same laws as other states. Is he already in an IEP?

If it was me, and this is just ME, I would move my kids to a safer place. I know it's not an easy thing to relocate your whole family, especially if it means leaving behind your friends and family.

I live in Kingman, Arizona and we NEVER have any incidents. Arizona also has a free online K-12 school program with a campus. I don't use it but have thought about it.