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Coping skills for anger (11-year old boy)

My 11-year old son has been taking Aderall for ADHD for the past 3 months. Prior to that he was on Vyvanse, but it made him too lethargic.

Two weeks ago, he called his teacher an "A-hole" because she insisted that he stop talking at the lunch table. This, of course, required me to meet with she and the principal. Both the teacher and principal stated he's a "great" kid, and very intelligent, but he has no respect for authority, and lacks impulse control. Then last night, his soccer coach requested a private meeting. My husband, myself, and our son met with the coach, who had a long discussion with our son about his inability to control his temper on the field. Again, the coach said he was a "great" kid, who was brave and athletically talented. But the coach was very clear in stating that our son will not be able to remain on the team if he can not be more respectful of his coach, and more supportive of his teammates. I thought our son understood the importance of the situation after the meeting. But within 1 hour of that meeting, he kicked a glass door and shattered it into pieces because he lost a basketball game to his 13-year old brother.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can teach him to step back and calm down before he flies off the handle?



It is so hard, especially at.his age..i dont have any suggestions, just want you to know your definitely not alone, i delt with the same things throught the years with my now 17 yr old son. It got a little better id say starting around 15 and grew a little more better since then..and the only thing i can credit for his impulsive anger slowing down ,is age and maturity level. Hes finally starting to see how silly and unnecessary, and non productive his temper tantrums are. He does still have a very short fuse and slams doors every now and then but no more kicking holes in walls and putting fists through glass windows.
I hope you find some good tecniques on getting hi anger under control

I am wondering if his medication can be adjusted. I am no professional, but just something to think about. I wish you and your family well.
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