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can intuniv be cut in half?

my daughters doctor just upped her dose of intuniv to 3mg from 2, the insurance wont fill the 3 mg because it was filled to recently, and before I knew that, the drs office was closed and will be till Monday, so I am hoping someone here knows if intuniv can be cut in half. I know some can and some cant.



Brandi, I'm not 100% sure of the med you are asking about. But, I work in a mental health hospital and assist my peers at times with their meds. This is the " general rule of thumb" -- if the pill can be halved, it will have a score mark or line on one side of it. Thus making it easily halved by a pill cutter or knife pushed into the score mark. No line on either side, med looses all dosage quality if it's halved.

No, I'm sorry. Intuniv is an extended release form of guanfacine. If you cut it in half then you could be receiving all of the effects of the meds at once rather than over time. I wouldn't risk it.
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