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Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), also known as acute myeloid leukemia, is a cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells. Patients with AML usually present with symptoms such as fatigue, bleeding, infection, prompting medical attention. An abnormal blood test reading will then result in further testing in a hospital with a hematologist to determine AML.

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Possible leukemia cells in lungs

Has anyone had possible leukemia cells found in the lungs? How did it resolve? What actions were taken?

In the week after going standard induction therapy, my mother (74) started to accumulate a lot of fluid in her lungs - pleural effusions, breathing problems and oxygen dropping. Her weight was up 18 pounds even though she hasn't eaten in a week. They decided to drain one of pleural effusions and test the fluid. It came up negative for all infections but revealed 15% blasts or cells that could be blasts.

A few days later, the fluid in that lung has re-accumulated and they drained the fluid and installed a chest tube. Fluid was tested again with the same result. Chest tube stayed for 10 days and is being removed today as the fluid has stopped draining.

They are worried that it might be leukemia in her lungs, although they said the results are not conclusive. They could be dying leukemia cells and not necessarily leukemia in her lungs. If it is leukemia in her lungs, then they said we are done here.



As you already understand, leukemic cells growing in the lungs is a bad thing. What do they see on X-ray? Are there any lesions? How is your mother's bone marrow? Is she in remission?

I can only wish and hope that there is no leukemia in her lungs and that this situation will resolve positively for her.

I have to second that comment, Nyura. Let's be positive. First inductions, for some reason, are frequently associated with problems. I haven't heard of pleural effusions associated with the process. The fact that the effusions have stopped accumulating is a good sign. If things were so dire, the effusions would continue to reform. I am sure her oxygenation has improved as well. Will pray for her.


There discovered some very new infiltrates in her lungs a couple of weeks ago (new because not present two weeks prior), but it looks as though they are getting slightly better on the CT scan. No fluid accumulating at the moment.

She is not technically in remission yet as they are waiting for her counts to go up. Her day 14 BMT was 2% blasts.

Thank you both and will try to think positive about this. Or maybe not to think at all......just to hope.


Thinking of you and your mom.

Yes, think positively and hope for the very best outcome. I understand how difficult this is for you and your mother.

We are sending good wishes your way. Your mother and you will stay in our thoughts and prayers while we wait for positve reports.

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