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This community is dedicated to helping members recover from accidents and unexpected events that have caused emotional and/or physical distress. Some examples of accidents that can cause long-term stress include: Aircraft Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Car and Motorcycle Accidents, Train accidents, Nuclear accidents, Ship accidents, Workplace accidents.

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rolled car

Thirty five years ago,I was traveling with a friend,and was driving all night,taking turns..after about twenty four hours,my friend fell a sleep at the wheel,doing around 60 mph,and we hit a guard rail,and rolled the 1974 mustang,three times..My friend,got bumps and brusis,and I who was sleeping in the passenger seat,cut my right wrist,assumibly,by the windshield,and had bumps and brusis myself..I also remember having a bad headache,a few hours after the accident...took me to the hospital,where the sewqed up my wrist,and put the artery,back together...then about a month later,I was at my step brothers wedding,and a sharp pain shot across my head,and I fell off my chair..YThen I got real dizzy...was in bed for three weeks,couldn't walk,without stumbeling into walls,or ect....went to the hospital,a month later,for tests,and the couldn't find anything wrong with me..I still suffer from stiff necks,and headaches,but most of the dizziness,has subsided..I still think the accident had something to do with it,but couldn't prove anything....



They're dumb poops sometimes at hospital emergency rooms. Something happened. Concussion, something pinched in your neck, something else. Not trying to project, but how you were acting sounds like the way I acted when I hate a TIA, then after a concussion, I also have neck injuries. These episodes of dizziness are most unpleasant. Move your head and neck around and see if you can feel when it happens. I can't sleep with a pillow pressed against the back of my neck, or it cuts off the circulation to my brain, and I die. This stuff is tricky. Take care. (I'm following you around. Lol)

wow,lol...ok,nice to see you here,ha..yes,there is something wrong,in my neck,I can feel gets real tight,and that is where all my headaches come from,or start....maybe I need to see a chiropractor,or something,because my back,and neck,are out of wack...If I move my head too fast,oh yeah,I fall straight into for pillows,maybe I need a firm contured one,maybe

You probably suffered a concussion during your accident. I was in a double rollover two years ago with my boyfriend. We both had serious concussions, but only a few cuts and bruises besides that. The ER was not so good to boyfriend ended up picking glass out of his face on his own...

Anyway, I think you should see a chiropractor regarding your neck pain and the pinching. Try to use heat packs to relax your neck until you see a doctor.

While they were packaging me at the scene, I kept telling them my hand hurt. They argued there was nothing wrong with my hand. They had "inspected the hand and found no injury. Three days later, I would not feel my fingers or move the hand. I had a pinched nerve. The idiots in the ER ignored my complaints totally. They left me alone for 4 hours with no call button and strapped to a back board with neck collar. Gave me usless medication the did nothing for the pain till I was screamming that I had to toss my cookies - still strapped to the backboard. I was afraid I would asparate.
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