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Head Accident

I know this may be long, but it can't be helped.

I had a head accident back on September 23, 2009 at around 3:20pm. I was at college and I was fixing to swim when I slipped and fell on the back of my head, in the ladies locker room. I got right back up like it was nothing, and then I looked down on the floor and suddenly started screaming and crying. I had a huge bump on my head, and luckily it swelled outside, rather than inside so much. My mom took me to the urgent care center and I had a CAT scan and the accident resulted in a mild hematoma. I cried most of rest of day, slept 11.5 hours that night, I was driving again 24 hours after I fell, as well as gentle swimming, drove on highway to work that Friday, and I did feel less depressed when I got my period that weekend (I was more tired with that then too). I also ran the Komen Race for the Cure 10 days after the accident, and I was so proud I did it, inspite my recovering from my head accident .Plus I feel that the accident is worse than lots of other things I have been through in life and it was indeed traumatic.

Other problems down the road:

It took a while to recover from the accident, and there were some things I couldn't remember for a while there, and I was more stressed and paranoid about somethings, including problems at school. At least I went through counseling for some time then, got back onto the exercise machines at the gym 3 weeks later after the accident, and it was a month after the accident and when I went bungy jumping. I also overly aggressive and exercise an awful lot, as a way to cope back in October 2009. I also fear safety more than ever now.

I also didn't realize it induced some depression and exhausted into me back in 2010, until my recent therapist told be back in February that she felt my head accident had something to do with some depression I experienced after that. I even at some points cried a lot and even at one point changed my major at school thinking it would make me happy. It did for a while, but I had days where I felt mentally and physically exhausted and felt like I couldn't do much, and even missed one day of school as a result, but then in December 2010, I started seeing a therapist at that school, and I finally started to feel much better about everything in the long run. I also figured out what I wanted to do with my life, and accepted the fact that my head accident contributed to my problems in the long run. I couldn't do a research study due to the accident and I was devastated and my therapist helped me through that over the phone as I was crying about it.

I also did a few changes back in 2010 and I felt so much better as well. It took me 22 months to get to where I need to be after my head accident. I write about as a way to cope with my feelings, whether here or other places, and I'm blessed things didn't get any worse then what they did after slipping and falling on my head.

I was wondering if anyone had, had problems following a head injury and how you coped with it.



Was in a bicycle accident where my face got pretty mangled. I split open my forehead, bite through my tongue, practically ripped off my nose. My bike tire came off while I was riding my bike somewhere. I'm about to have some pretty major surgery to fix the defect in my nose that resulted from the accident. This will be 1 of 3 or 5 surgeries. Read some of the other posts and it'll make you feel grateful. Remember there's always someone out there who has it worse than you do so be wary of self-pity! Shortly thereafter follows depression and anxiety and with that many of us can fall into a state of pain which could've been avoided!

Hi pinkfirestar,

I am sorry to hear about your head injury. I had a head injury last year playing Rugby. I had a concussion and right after I hit the back of my head, I got a bad headache, felt nauseous, and feeling like I was in a fog. After the first day, I had migraine headaches for about 2 weeks. And since then, I have been getting headaches more often, not migraine headaches, but regular headaches. Also, I notice at times, I forget certain things and I was not like that before the injury.

I feel like at times, that I am a little depressed. I notice I cry more after I had the head injury than I did before the injury. I am also in college and am changing my major as well. I do not liking my current major which is Geography, so I will be doing Meteorology which would hopefully make me happier.

Hope you are feeling better.


I was hit by a car in September 2011 and cut my forehead and was knocked out for a few minutes. I had a concussion for at least a month. after that I had mood swings, slept a TON for the first month, have still been extremely forgetful, been depressed although thank goodness that has corrected itself. I had head aches for a long time but the chiropractor has been messing with my neck which seems to have helped quite a bit. I was extremely lucky, I was picked up in an ambulance and brought to the hospital 20 minutes away because I might have needed a head and neck trauma surgeon. The emt said I was very lucky, he would be worried if I had asked the same questions multiple times. when I came to, my vision was completely blurred, I thought my glasses had shattered and blinded me. Apparently I went up the hood of her car, hit my head which knocked my glasses off and put me out and then I rolled off onto the concrete but I don't remember any of that.

Hi there...
I suffered a devastating head injury in January 2009 due to a bad this day I am still "not right"...
I have many lingering issues which my neurosurgeon is helping me to "actively cope" with...
Try resting when you can,yoga may help some...also heat application if you have pain or tension...and eucalyptus oil if you don't have allergies...
Hope this helps...

I'll save my four loko story for another time. Anyway, i I had a facial injury almost three years ago. A light fixture broke and a shard of glass fell onto my face. It landed at the bridge of my nose narrowly missing my eyes. I felt the impact but didn't feel any pain from it. I noticed fluid running down my face and realized it was blood. Wiped my face and went to a mirror. It didn't look that bad until i started to slightly spread my gash apart, 'oh lordie that's a deep one"! My mother was freaking out when she saw my injury. I played it off just to calm her down, but i was worried about what lay ahead for me.

After the accident i had problems being in social situations. It felt like eyes were always on me. My wound healed and there will always be a noticable scar. I'm humbled at everything i learned during my healing process. Before I would wear glasses to take away attention from my scar. That was my frame of mind back then. Now i think my scar adds to my character and i've truely grown to like it :)
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