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The pressures of sex from peers, the media and culture can be overwhelming, but you are in total control of your body and celibacy is a choice that many are making. Find sanctuary with people who are choosing to abstain without fear of judgment.

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Beating Lonliness

I am a 34 year old single mother that works all the time. Also a Christian, I go to church nearly every Sunday but due to my visitation and work schedule am unable to participate in a regular Bible study. I smoke and am divorced. I find that Christians are judgemental against both of those things. Rather than helping me, or accepting me, they look at me like a sinner, sweep my problems under a rug instead of listening and paying attention. It's "my problem". I have no family, one non-Christian "friend" that I talk to only on the phone and turn to men on the weekends I don't have my boys to fill the void.

Having sex is the result of what is going on on the inside. If I had positive relationships and people in my life that truly accepted and loved me without the "just give it to God" garbage, I wouldn't feel like I have to turn to men to fill my void.



I can be a listening ear if u wanna talk...I'm 23, Nigerian...also born again. I'll add u n all u need do is accept den we can share ideas...God bless U.

like nuel said if you need someone that will listen i am more than happy to help.... I myself faced something similar... I was asked to leave the church I was attending because I too smoked and enjoyed "non-Christian" way of life

These are sheep in wolves clothes. Many remind me of the Priests in Jesus day. How many of them are beyond fat?!! Gluttony is also a sin, if the fatso of the group says anything you can remind them of that. I'm not saying smoking is the best thing for you but in many area of the country breathing isn't exactly great either. Look for another church that really shows the love of Christ not how many think being good is what gets points, it doesn't hurt BUT. What's the saying so Heavenly they are no Earthly good.
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