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Olanzapine (oh-LAN-za-peen, sold as Zyprexa, Zydis, or in combination with fluoxetine, as Symbyax) was the third atypical antipsychotic to gain approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has become one of the most commonly used atypical antipsychotics. Olanzapine has been approved by the FDA for the treatme... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Bipolar Disorder
Overall, 61% (2410 Members) find Zyprexa helpful

Zyprexa Reviews

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Working / Worked
Makes me feel like I'm some what normal and not like I'm going crazy!
Working / Worked
I gain weight, but I mentally feel much better, so I have to exercise a lot.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
worked for a while
Working / Worked
bane of my existence
Working / Worked
on for 2 years. had heart problems, was taken off. Held out as long as I could. When I went back on, it didnt work
Working / Worked
worked great but gained 30 pounds in one month on it.
Working / Worked
gained a lot of weight be cause it made me eat a lot
Working / Worked
good med but will give u morning hangover atleast in the beginning of treatment. also great anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities.
Working / Worked
Need it for Psycosis only. Weight Gain Pre- Diabeties.
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  1. Discussion: Zyprexa?
    Zyprexa helped me sleep...but made me feel pretty out of it. Major weight gain on it too. [More]
  2. Discussion: zyprexa
    so i finally have a stable supply of meds and i was wondering what other peoples experience with zyprexa have been like long term side effects and the... [More]
  3. Discussion: zyprexa
    Zyprexa does seem to be a little strong of a med to be used with BP I I. As it is an anti-psychotic, and by definition BP I I DO NOT experience psy... [More]
  4. Discussion: zyprexa
    Hi Cindy, welcome :) i hope the zyprexa continues to help...i took it for about 3 months a few yrs did calm me down but i gained weight..... [More]
  5. Discussion: Zyprexa
    Anybody take zyprexa to sleep? Does it help? [More]