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Zoledronic acid is used to treat hypercalcemia (high levels of blood calcium) that may occur in patients with some types of cancer. It is also used to treat cancer called multiple myeloma (tumors formed by the cells of the bone marrow) or certain types of bone metastases (the spread of cancer).

Zoledronic acid... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Multiple Myeloma
Breast Cancer
Renal Cell Carcinoma (K...
Fibrous Dysplasia
Overall, 97% (86 Members) find Zometa helpful

Zometa Reviews

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Working / Worked
had one treatment so far.
Working / Worked
every 3 months and additional treatments for high calcium
Working / Worked
Every 3 months
Working / Worked
Infused every 6mos for 2years. After every dose Id feel like a new woman my bones didnt ache and had extra energy....but it would fade out about a month later. When we moved to AZ this onc will not give me the Zometa....sort of ticks me off since it seemed to work and made me feel better.
Working / Worked
I'm not sure if it worked or not--have had it twice. Don't like some of the side effects that have been reported.
Working / Worked
seems to be strengthening bones
Working / Worked
I assumed it work as I had no new fractures. Didn't notice any side effects.
Working / Worked
I cant say whether its working but John has had Zometa injections each 28 days since June and will continue on them even though he has completed for the time being his chemo treatment. No perceivable side effects. Dosage based on weight and height.
Working / Worked
Worked. Had three infusions and bone density is presently normal. No side effects
Working / Worked
I go every 3 monthes to get a zometa treatment through the veins just like chemo but so much shorter. It takes about 12 hour and the good thing is my bones feel much stronger The cancer spread to my bones and was so hard to move but Im walking and moving alot better now. The bad is I do get some bad joint pain from it and some times flu like symptoms. BUT it really helps.
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